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Sūra XIV.: Ibrāhīm, or Abraham. Index
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Sūra XIV.: Ibrāhīm, or Abraham.

Section 2

7. Wa-ith taaththana rabbukum la-in shakartum laazeedannakum wala-in kafartum inna AAathabee lashadeedun

7. And remember! your Lord
Caused to be declared (publicly):
"If ye are grateful, I will
Add more (favours) unto you;
But if ye show ingratitude,
Truly my punishment
Is terrible indeed."

8. Waqala moosa in takfuroo antum waman fee al-ardi jameeAAan fa-inna Allaha laghaniyyun hameedun

8. And Moses said: "If ye
Show ingratitude, ye and all
On earth together,—yet
Is God Free of all wants,
Worthy of all praise.

9. Alam ya/tikum nabao allatheena min qablikum qawmi noohin waAAadin wathamooda waallatheena min baAAdihim la yaAAlamuhum illa Allahu jaat-hum rusuluhum bialbayyinati faraddoo aydiyahum fee afwahihim waqaloo inna kafarna bima orsiltum bihi wa-inna lafee shakkin mimma tadAAoonana ilayhi mureebun

9. Has not the story
Reached you, (O people!), of those
Who (went) before you?—
Of the People of Noah,
And ’Ād, and Thamūd?—
And of those who (came)
After them? None knows them
But God. To them came
Apostles with Clear (Signs);
But they put their hands
Up to their mouths, and said:
"We do deny (the mission)
On which ye have been sent,
And we are really
In suspicious (disquieting) doubt
As to that to which
Ye invite us."

10. Qalat rusuluhum afee Allahi shakkun fatiri alssamawati waal-ardi yadAAookum liyaghfira lakum min thunoobikum wayu-akhkhirakum ila ajalin musamman qaloo in antum illa basharun mithluna tureedoona an tasuddoona AAamma kana yaAAbudu abaona fa/toona bisultanin mubeenin

10. Their apostles said: "Is there
A doubt about God,
The Creator of the heavens
And the earth? It is He
Who invites you, in order
That He may forgive you
Your sins and give you
Respite for a term appointed!"
They said: "Ah! ye are
No more than human,
Like ourselves! Ye wish
To turn us away from
The (gods) our fathers
Used to worship: then
Bring us some clear authority."

11. Qalat lahum rusuluhum in nahnu illa basharun mithlukum walakinna Allaha yamunnu AAala man yashao min AAibadihi wama kana lana an na/tiyakum bisultanin illa bi-ithni Allahi waAAala Allahi falyatawakkali almu/minoona

11. Their apostles said to them:
"True, we are human
Like yourselves, but God
Doth grant His grace
To such of His servants
As He pleases. It is not
For us to bring you
An authority except as God
Permits. And on God
Let all men of faith
Put their trust.

12. Wama lana alla natawakkala AAala Allahi waqad hadana subulana walanasbiranna AAala ma athaytumoona waAAala Allahi falyatawakkali almutawakkiloona

12. "No reason have we why
We should not put our trust
On God. Indeed He
Has guided us to the Ways
We (follow). We shall certainly
Bear with patience all
The hurt you may cause us.
For those who put their trust
Should put their trust on God."

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