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Sūra II.: Baqara, or the Heifer. Index
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Sūra II.: Baqara, or the Heifer.

Section 25

197. Alhajju ashhurun maAAloomatun faman farada feehinna alhajja fala rafatha wala fusooqa wala jidala fee alhajji wama tafAAaloo min khayrin yaAAlamhu Allahu watazawwadoo fa-inna khayra alzzadi alttaqwa waittaqooni ya olee al-albabi

197. For Ḥajj 
Are the months well known.
If any one undertakes
That duty therein,
Let there be no obscenity,
Nor wickedness,
Nor wrangling
In the Ḥajj.
And whatever good
Ye do, (be sure)
God knoweth it.
And take a provision
(With you) for the journey,
But the best of provisions
Is right conduct.
So fear Me,
O ye that are wise.

198. Laysa AAalaykum junahun an tabtaghoo fadlan min rabbikum fa-itha afadtum min AAarafatin faothkuroo Allaha AAinda almashAAari alharami waothkuroohu kama hadakum wa-in kuntum min qablihi lamina alddalleena

198. It is no crime in you
If ye seek of the bounty
Of your Lord (during pilgrimage).
Then when ye pour down
From (Mount) ’Arafāt,
Celebrate the praises of God
At the Sacred Monument,
And celebrate His praises
As He has directed you,
Even though, before this,
Ye went astray.

199. Thumma afeedoo min haythu afada alnnasu waistaghfiroo Allaha inna Allaha ghafoorun raheemun

199. Then pass on
At a quick pace from the place
Whence it is usual
For the multitude
So to do, and ask
For God's forgiveness.
For God is Oft-forgiving,
Most Merciful.

200. Fa-itha qadaytum manasikakum faothkuroo Allaha kathikrikum abaakum aw ashadda thikran famina alnnasi man yaqoolu rabbana atina fee alddunya wama lahu fee al-akhirati min khalaqin

200. So when ye have
Accomplished your holy rites,
Celebrate the praises of God,
As ye used to celebrate
The praises of your fathers,—
Yea, with far more
Heart and soul.
There are men who say:
"Our Lord! Give us
(Thy bounties) in this world!"
But they will have
No portion in the Hereafter.

201. Waminhum man yaqoolu rabbana atina fee alddunya hasanatan wafee al-akhirati hasanatan waqina AAathaba alnnari

201. And there are men who say:
"Our Lord! Give us
Good in this world
And good in the Hereafter,
And defend us
From the torment
Of the Fire!"

202. Ola-ika lahum naseebun mimma kasaboo waAllahu sareeAAu alhisabi

202. To these will be allotted
What they have earned;
And God is quick in account.

203. Waothkuroo Allaha fee ayyamin maAAdoodatin faman taAAajjala fee yawmayni fala ithma AAalayhi waman taakhkhara fala ithma AAalayhi limani ittaqa waittaqoo Allaha waiAAlamoo annakum ilayhi tuhsharoona

203. Celebrate the praises of God
During the Appointed Days.
But if any one hastens
To leave in two days,
There is no blame on him,
And if any one stays on,
There is no blame on him,
If his aim is to do right.
Then fear God, and know
That ye will surely
Be gathered unto Him.

204. Wamina alnnasi man yuAAjibuka qawluhu fee alhayati alddunya wayushhidu Allaha AAala ma fee qalbihi wahuwa aladdu alkhisami

204. There is the type of man
Whose speech
About this world's life
May dazzle thee,
And he calls God to witness
About what is in his heart;
Yet is he the most contentious
Of enemies.

205. Wa-itha tawalla saAAa fee al-ardi liyufsida feeha wayuhlika alhartha waalnnasla waAllahu la yuhibbu alfasada

205. When he turns his back,
His aim everywhere
Is to spread mischief
Through the earth and destroy
Crops and cattle.
But God loveth not mischief.

206. Wa-itha qeela lahu ittaqi Allaha akhathat-hu alAAizzatu bial-ithmi fahasbuhu jahannamu walabi/sa almihadu

206. When it is said to him,
"Fear God,"
He is led by arrogance
To (more) crime.
Enough for him is Hell;—
An evil bed indeed
(To lie on)!

207. Wamina alnnasi man yashree nafsahu ibtighaa mardati Allahi waAllahu raoofun bialAAibadi

207. And there is the type of man
Who gives his life
To earn the pleasure of God;
And God is full of kindness
To (His) devotees.

208. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo odkhuloo fee alssilmi kaffatan wala tattabiAAoo khutuwati alshshaytani innahu lakum AAaduwwun mubeenun

208. O ye who believe!
Enter into Islam
And follow not
The footsteps
Of the Evil One;
For he is to you
An avowed enemy.

209. Fa-in zalaltum min baAAdi ma jaatkumu albayyinatu faiAAlamoo anna Allaha AAazeezun hakeemun

209. If ye backslide
After the clear (Signs)
Have come to you,
Then know that God
Is Exalted in Power, Wise.

210. Hal yanthuroona illa an ya/tiyahumu Allahu fee thulalin mina alghamami waalmala-ikatu waqudiya al-amru wa-ila Allahi turjaAAu al-omooru

210. Will they wait
Until God comes to them
In canopies of clouds,
With angels (in His train)
And the question
Is (thus) settled?
But to God
Do all questions
Go back (for decision).

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