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Sūra II.: Baqara, or the Heifer. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra II.: Baqara, or the Heifer.

Section 12

97. Qul man kana AAaduwwan lijibreela fa-innahu nazzalahu AAala qalbika bi-ithni Allahi musaddiqan lima bayna yadayhi wahudan wabushra lilmu/mineena

97. Say: Whoever is an enemy
To Gabriel—for he brings down
The (revelation) to thy heart
By God's will, a confirmation
Of what went before,
And guidance and glad tidings
For those who believe,—

98. Man kana AAaduwwan lillahi wamala-ikatihi warusulihi wajibreela wameekala fa-inna Allaha AAaduwwun lilkafireena

98. Whoever is an enemy to God
And His angels and apostles,
To Gabriel and Michael,—
Lo! God is an enemy to those
Who reject Faith.

99. Walaqad anzalna ilayka ayatin bayyinatin wama yakfuru biha illa alfasiqoona

99. We have sent down to thee
Manifest Signs (āyāt);
And none reject them
But those who are perverse.

100. Awa kullama AAahadoo AAahdan nabathahu fareequn minhum bal aktharuhum la yu/minoona

100. Is it not (the case) that
Every time they make a Covenant,
Some party among them
Throw it aside?—Nay,
Most of them are faithless.

101. Walamma jaahum rasoolun min AAindi Allahi musaddiqun lima maAAahum nabatha fareequn mina allatheena ootoo alkitaba kitaba Allahi waraa thuhoorihim kaannahum la yaAAlamoona

101. And when there came to them
An Apostle from God,
Confirming what was with them,
A party of the People of the Book
Threw away the Book of God
Behind their backs,
As if (it had been something)
They did not know!

102. WaittabaAAoo ma tatloo alshshayateenu AAala mulki sulaymana wama kafara sulaymanu walakinna alshshayateena kafaroo yuAAallimoona alnnasa alssihra wama onzila AAala almalakayni bibabila haroota wamaroota wama yuAAallimani min ahadin hatta yaqoola innama nahnu fitnatun fala takfur fayataAAallamoona minhuma ma yufarriqoona bihi bayna almar-i wazawjihi wama hum bidarreena bihi min ahadin illa bi-ithni Allahi wayataAAallamoona ma yadurruhum wala yanfaAAuhum walaqad AAalimoo lamani ishtarahu ma lahu fee al-akhirati min khalaqin walabi/sa ma sharaw bihi anfusahum law kanoo yaAAlamoona

102. They followed what the evil ones
Gave out (falsely)
Against the power
Of Solomon: the blasphemers
Were, not Solomon, but
The evil ones, teaching men
Magic, and such things
As came down at Babylon
To the angels Hārūt and Mārūt.
But neither of these taught anyone
(Such things) without saying:
"We are only for trial;
So do not blaspheme."
They learned from them
The means to sow discord
Between man and wife.
But they could not thus
Harm anyone except
By God's permission.
And they learned what harmed them,
Not what profited them.
And they knew that the buyers
Of (magic) would have
No share in the happiness
Of the Hereafter. And vile
Was the price for which
They did sell their souls,
If they but knew!

103. Walaw annahum amanoo waittaqaw lamathoobatun min AAindi Allahi khayrun law kanoo yaAAlamoona

103. If they had kept their Faith
And guarded themselves from evil,
Far better had been
The reward from their Lord,
If they but knew!

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