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The Back of Gifts From God to Job (PUH)
What is mentioned about this matter is that God ordered His servant Job to strike the ground with his leg, and when he did that, a spring appeared and been told that this is a spring that is cool bath and a refreshing drink, and so he had a bath with it and drank until he was satisfied and so his appearance and his inside were cured, and what is apparent from the holy phrase that it was only one spring and he drank and had a bath from it for God's saying "This (spring) is a cool bath and a refreshing drink" which denotes a single form and that the bath and drinking was from one source. They say that there were two springs so he drank from one and bathed with the other and then God made him healthy again and banished all the pains that were in him and gave him back his beauty and his dignity so that if someone that saw him while he was sick wouldn't know him after being healthy again, and thus, his wife Ramhah the daughter of Joseph the Righteous (PUH) came to him and did not know him and so she asked him about her sick husband Job, and there were a dialogue between them about his characterisitics, and then he identified hisself to her and told her that he is Job and that God made him healthy again, so when she turned to be sure of that she fell prostrating to thank God and God also gave her back her beauty and youth for her patience and her care for her husband and her sincerity and for sharing his adversities, and although he lost everything she stood beside him serving him and taking care of him and so she was equal to him in his adversities, for this when Job swore that he must beat her one hundred times by flogging, his Lord ordered him to beat her but as if he does not beat her and never hurt her and so Job can satisfy the oath that he made and this is in God saying: And (it was said unto him): Take in thine hand a branch and smite therewith, and break not thine oath(Sâd:44), and it is a full hand of stems or something like it for he swore that he must flog her for one hundred times for something that she said and he denied, so God said to him: take a branch as much as the number of beats that you swore with and then strike her all at once and you did your oath and did not oppose the commandment of your Lord, and it is mentioned by Ibn `Abbâs that the reason for this that the Satan met her in the shape of a physician and she called him to cure Job so he said to her: I will cure him but he should say to me then "you cured me" and I do not ask for more than that, and she said yes, and when she suggested that to Job he swore to flog her.
Some of the tales that are suitable for this matter is what was mentioned by Al-Sâdiq (PUH): God tests the faithful man with every test and take out his soul in many ways but never test him by removing his mind, don't you see Job (PUH) how the Satan took all his riches and children and everything he had but did not take control over his mind and left that for him to remember God with it. He (PUH) also said: when in the doomsday the beautiful woman that astrayed by her beauty is brought and she would say: O Lord, You made me pretty and faced what I faced, and then Mary is brought and they will say to her (the woman): are you better than her? I made her beautiful and she did not astray, and the handsome man that was astrayed because of his beauty and he would say: O Lord, You made me handsome and I faced what I faced from women, and then Joseph is brought and it is said to him (the man): are you more handsome than him? I made him handsome and he did not astray, and then the man that astrayed because of his troubles is brought and he would say: O Lord, Your adversities were so tough that made me astray, and then Job is brought and it is said to him (the man): are your adversities are more than his? I tested him with much more adversities but he did not astray. The meaning os astray here is doing the sins and may exceed that to disbelieving and refusing the religion, so we take refuge by God, the Exalted, from the evil of the devil and from the reasons of disbelieving and from the bad spirit talk, and we shall ask Him, the Exalted, for forgiveness and health, by His beloved the prophet (PUH) and his Household the chosen (PUT). We've pointed out that God gave Job's wife, Rahmah the daughter of Joseph, her youth back as well as He did to Job with gifts, and she gave birth to twenty six males, and he had seven males and seven females that Go resurrected them, because God tested him for no sins he made for seven years, but God's judgements desired that as a test for his faith and He is never asked about His deeds but only them will be asked. He (Al-Sâdiq PUH) also said: God tested Job for no sins he made and he was patient until he was mocked at by his enemies and the prophets can't bear mocking, and after God's gifts to him and his health back, Job was asked: what was the worse thing you faced during this period? He said: mocking of the enemies. They say also that God rained him in his home with gold and he used to collect it, and when the wind blows up something away, he used to ran after it and then Gabriel (PUH) said to him: aren't you satisfied Job? He answered then: who is satisfied enough from his Lord's gifts?
As attributed to Al-Sâdiq (PUH): Job (PUH) with all what he was tested with, he never had a bad smell and never had an ugly shape and never been bleeding and people never saw him dirty and they never felt afraid of him for his shape, and worms did not ever approached his body, and this is how God does to all the prophets that He puts under the test, but people kept away from him because of his poverity and weakness for their ignorance for what (gifts) he had in God's hands.
As attributed to some scholars that he (Al-Sâdiq PUH) said also: it is not denied that the adversities and pains that Job had in his body and his household and his riches reached a level of sadness and pain that exceed the pain that would someone with leprosy would have, and it is not denied that the pains increased for him, but it denied for him everything that would make people disgusted. That was an answer for him (PUH) for the claims that say: that Job had some diseases that made people disgusted for because of the smell of the shape and that the meat of his body was melting down and he had worms in his body and whenever something falls from his body he gets it back to its place seeking God's blessings and people then threw him later on to the trash outside of the town, and his wife was always with him and always seeking for help for him and they used to give some help to her, and whatever he lost of riches and children and health was because of the Satan, and God ordered the Satan with this and said to him: I gave permission for you over his money, his children, his farms, his sheeps and his body except of his mind, his eyes, his tongue and his hearing, so then the Satan breathed at him and he made him like one ulcer from the top of his head to the tip of his foot and he stayed like that for long time praising God until his body had some worms in it, and the worm used to get out of his body and he gets it back to its position saying: get back to your position that God created you from, and he smelled bad which made the people of the town got him out to the trash our of the town..etc. This is something that no one bear to mention unless it was for mocking.
There are many weird and amazing stories and only God knows everything that was, but what is supposed by the rules of justice is what we've mentioned before about the rights of the of viceroys of God and of the One who chose them to accomplish such commandments, and God is the One that we seek for help and He has the commandments and no strength except by Him, then let a just man look at the tales of such exaggerating narrators and let him judge by his heart, they said that the Satan when to some monks that used to be with him (Job) and they were on mountains worshipping God, so he came to them in a shape of an old man and he said to them: let us go to that servant of adversities and ask him about his adversities, so they rode their mules and they came to him, and when they went closer, their moles kept away because of his bad smell, so they tied them together and went to him by walking and they sat with him and asked him about the reason for his troubles, and they said to him: we see that adversities were revealed upon you for your bad soul and for something you keep a secret in you and you show something opposite to it..etc. There is a long talk from them and his answers to them were also likewise and it is heavy to be mentioned, until he said to them: if only I can sit in front of my Lord to give my clues, and then God sent a cloud and a speaker spoke from it with ten thousand tongues and languages saying: O Job give your clues for I am close to you and I will always be. A narrator said: then Job wore his apron and kneeled down and said: You've tested me with such adversities and You know that no two things were offered to me but I shall choose the hardest one to my body and I never had food from my own unless there was a wretch with me on my table, he (the narrator) continued: then he was said unto him (Job): O Job who made worshipping beloved to you? Who made you worship God while people are not aware? You also praise Him while people are sleeping, do you make favour to God what God has the favour for you? When he heard that from his Lord he took some sand and put it in his mouth and said: You, my Lord, did all that for me, so then God revealed an angel down and he kicked the ground with his feet and a water spring appeared and he washed him with that water and he got back to the best of his conditions..etc. This is as we see is something we deny and it is something that could be for someone denoted to be a prophet.

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