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Another Story Similar to What Was Mentioned Before
It is mentioned by Wahab and Ka`b Al-Ahbâr and others that are non-muslims that Job the prophet was a roman man and on his forehead it was written "The Patient for Adversities", and he is Job ben Mus ben Darih ben Esau ben Isaac ben Abraham (PUT) [please refer to the beginning of this chapter and compare the name], and his mother was a descendant of Lot ben Haran (PUH) and he lived in Al-Baþnah, a town in the lands of Shem, and he had there many fortunes of camels, cows, horses, sheeps, and he was a faithful man that kept refuse in God against the devil and his tricks, and he had three men the believed in him with him, a man from Yemen was called Aleefan (Eliphaz), and two men from his own lands. It is attributed to Wahab a long speech that contains the tricks of Satan with Job (PUH) with details, mentioning that he (Satan) tricked Job with his money and children and his body by a permission of God, and Job increased in his praising to God, and that was annoying for Satan, and he nagotiated with his devils about what to do with him and he was never bored nor tired to trick him and make him sin and Job knew all his trials and kept on being so cautious for him and his soldiers, and then Satan went to the friends of Job and his beloved trying to make them hate Job and keep away from his beliefs until they said to him sorrowful and painful words, and some of these talks is known by the answer of Job to them as it is mentioned when he said to them: thanks be to God for whenever He gave me and for whenever He took from me, naked I got out from the womb of my mother and naked I shall go back to the ground, and naked I shall face God at the end, so you should not be happy O man when God gives you and should be scared when He takes form you, for God is the Best that can handle you, and if He knew any good in you He would take your soul with the other souls so you would be rewarded and be a martyr, but He knew that you only have some evil so He avoided you from adversities. That was the talk of Job to Satan when he came to him in the shape of someone that wanted to advise and blame him for his patience, so then Satan came back to his fellows as been humiliated. Satan continued to call people to deny him until they all refused him except of his wife Rahmah, so his sincere folks refused him but without refusing his religion and they kept on blaming him and mocking at him until he said to them: you are more harder on me than my adversity is, then he turned away from them and said: O Lord, for what reason I've been created? Wish if I can know that sin I did and the deed that I did that made You turn away from me, if just You made me follow my fathers for death is beloved more by me, was not I as a home for the stranger, and a home for the poor, and a father for the wretch, and a carer for the widow? O my Lord am I but a humiliated servant, if I did good then You have the favour and if I did bad then my punishment is in Your hands, You've made me a subject for the adversities..etc. It is a long and a great and an amazing pray that he mentioned in it the details of the adversities and whatever he faced of consolations and problems, and all of that as a complaint against God with the presence of his folks with him, so the answer from God was to be to blame him extremely for what he did of complaining extremely, and some of the speech of God to him was: and wear your apron and stand as an almighty for there is no one that should stand against me except of an almighty like me and no one should stand against me unless he who make the barnacles in the mouth of the lion, and the lambs in the mouth of the griffons and the bridles in the mouth of the dragons..etc, and this last talk is attributed to God. Then He started to count His favours for His servants and His creations, who made His earth, who made His heavens, the seas, the trees, the angels, the human, the djinn, the source of creativity, the details of things, whatever is kept in the chests of men, the languages of animals on lands, sea or air, other than animals, the soul, the mind, the hearing, the sightness and so on of such favours that have no end, and then the situation of Job was the most dangerous of all, he lost his mind and been mute and deaf and blind and did not know what to say. Yes he said, and some of what he said was: wish if earth was torn apart and I went inside of it instead of saying something that makes my Lord mad at me, until he said: O Lord, You made me like an enemy to You and You used to present me with gifts, a word that slipt of my tongue and I will never do it again, and I've put my hand on my mouth and bit on my tongue and to the ground I've put my cheek, forgive me for what I've said and I will never do something You hate again. Then said God: O Job, I've known you before, and My mercy comes before My anger, and if you've mistaken, I've forgave your mistakes and I shall give you back your household and your money and the same as them to be an example for those who will come after you and be an example for people of adversities and those of patience.
Then God revealed on him His gifts in life and the after-life, and the greatest gift was His satisfaction towards him and the after-life, so then the Merciful called him and ordered him to kick the ground with his feet, this is a spring with a cold bath and for drink, and so he did and a spring appeared so he got into it and bathed so then God took away all what he had of adversities, then he got out and sat, and his wife tried to feel him in the bed but she did not find him then she said in a speech of a lover and said to him: O servant of God do you know the man of adversities that was here a while ago? He said to her: would you know him if you saw him? She said: yes, how come I wouldn't, so then he smiled and said: I am him, so she knew him from his smile and hugged him and she had the great happiness, and thanks be to God. Then we've pointed out that scholars differ in the time of his calls for his Lord and the period of his adversities and for what reason he said "Lo! adversity afflicteth me", and as attributed to the prophet (PUH) he said that the prophet Job (PUH) remained in his adversity for eighteen years and people around him from close relatives to far ones all refused him and kept away from him except for two men from his brothers and his wife Rahmah that never left him. It is mentioned that Job (PUH) remained ill for seven years and some months without money or children or friends excpet of his wife Rahmah that had patience with him at the time that he never forgot to praise God and thank Him, so then Satan screamed and gathered all his armies from all around the earth because of his anger for Job's patience, so they suggested for him to approach Job from the side of his wife Rahmah, so she came to him (Job) with something faulty because of the whispers of the damned so he (Job) said to her: the enemy of God came to you and breathed in you and you accepted him, woe to you, do you see all of that fortune and children and health that I was in before, who gave them to me? She said: God, he said then: for how long? She said: eighty years. The meaning was that he said to her that God tested us for seven years and some months so it is not just to enjoy the wealth for eighty years and never be patient for seven years and some months, then he swore that if God made him healthy again he would flog her for one hundred times and then he banished her from his place and he had no one to serve him and then he fell prostrating for God and said: Lo! adversity afflicteth me, and Thou art Most Merciful of all who show mercy(Al-Anbiyâ':83), and that was a reason for his relief and then his wife Rahmah regretted and got back to him and said: if he banished me to whom shall I leave him, shall I leave him die of fear or get lost and beasts would eat him? So then she got back with sadness and regret but she did not see him so she started crying for Job, and then she saw a handsome man with fine garments so she asked him about Job, so he said to her: what do you want O servant of God? She cried then and said: I wanted that man of adversities, the one that was left alone, I don't know wether he was lost or what did he do, so he said: would you know him if you saw him? She said then: he was the one of the God's creation that is mostly like you if he was well, he said then: I am Job..etc, and we've been talking a lot and repeated some and it is some of what we found.
This is the last thing we did like to mention about the conditions of the faithful man, the prophet Job, may peace be upon him and on the prophet (PUH) and his Household (PUT).
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