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Gospel of John
The matter of the gospel of John is even the weirdest of all, and as it is said, lot of christians thought that John, the author of this gospel, is in fact one of the twelve apostles of the Messiah and he is the son of Zabdi the fisherman and he was born in Sayda (Sidon), one of Al-Jaleel's (Galilee's) villages, and he was the one that was most beloved by Jesus the son of Mary, but they mentioned that there was a group of people that used to tell the christians and warn them that the Messiah is only a human and he was not founded before his mother Mary, and for this a group of bishops gathered in 96A.D. mostly from the bishops of Asia and some others, all of them gathered themselves at John's place and asked him to write about the Messiah and call for a gospel that was not written by others before, and to write especially about the divinity of the Messiah, so he couldn't deny and answered their request, and the christians were confused about the year that John wrote his gospel in, some say it was 65A.D. and others say it was 96A.D. and some say it was 98A.D. and lot of christian scholars denied that this gospel was written by John the one that followed Jesus, but it was made by a pupil in Alexandria, and a lot was written about that, notice page 401 and 402 from the tales of `Abdul-Wahâb Al-Najjâr, and it was only attributed to John just to make people believe in it, and that gospel was made of twenty chapters and then after the death of John, the church of Afâs added the twenty first chapter, check the first part of Al-Fâriq Bayn Al-Makhlooq W'Al-Khâliq page 341 and 342, and from all of that it is now known that this gospel was only written for a special purpose and that is to prove the divinity of the Messiah and to cut of the teachings that tell that he is only a human and not a god, and from this point did the gospels differ because the people who made them had different purposes and opinions, and if you want to check the truth and how they are different you can check the book of Al-Fâriq Bayn Al-Makhlooq W'Al-Khâliq, and also Izhâr Al-Haq [showing the truth] by Rahmatullah Al-Hindi, and also the book of Hidâyat Al-Hiyârâ [the guidance of the buffled] by Ibn Al-Qayyim. And God is the Guider to the straight path.

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