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Gospel of Barnaba
They say he was one of the followers of the Messiah that used to work on spreading his teachings, and they wrote about him and about the services that he used to do and he did all of that alone and with other apostles, and he was cypriot levite, and the author of the book of his works mentioned a lot about his sincerity and his services and mentioned that he was absolutely trusted in the church in Jerusalem, and he was sent to Antakya as a missionary and he was a faithful man and full of the spirit of holiness and faith, and then happened to be that a debate was started about the matter of circumcision that was appointed in the laws of Moses, and that happened when a group of jews started to warn people and tell them about that until it caused a big debate among the followers of Jesus the son of Mary, and for this reason, Paul and Barnaba, the owner of this gospel and the one described with sincerity and trust in Jerusalem, and they went together with some people to the masters and scholars in Jerusalem to try to solve this great problem. There are other stories and events that he took part of them, and a gospel for this man was found and it consisted of stories of the Messiah, like the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and it also has no chain of traces, and it was translated by Khaleel Sa`âdah and he said about it: many opinions for researchers occured and many historians did differ in their opinions about it, and they found guidance and astraying in it, and sensed its truth with guidance, and tried to manipulate something of the traces and the books and asked about it in all times and lands but after all, they found nothing that would satisfy them. They say that the copy of it was in Rome in the library of the Pope, and a bishop stole it when he found it, and when he read it he refused christianity and turned to a muslim and that was at the end of the 16th century.
The translator, Khaleel Sa`âdah said in his introduction: I see that the writer of the gospel of Barnaba was an Andalusite jew that had a deep insight into judaism and then he turned into christianity and had a deep insight into it and then he turned to Islam and had a deep insight into it. He sees that this is the solution closest to the truth because this man was deep into the religions, and then he said: this gospel showed an excellent version of wisdom and a high level of philosophical literature and ways that act like magic on the minds with their absolute language although the expressions used were simple, until he said: it (the gospel) commands with the goodness and prohibits the badness and advises with virtues and and to stay away from the bad manners and calls the human to sacrifice himself to do the goodness for the people, and then he said: and it is not known if the gospel of Barnaba is one of the books that was prohibited to read. Whatever it was with the gospel of Barnaba, it is anyhow one of the gospels that were written about the life of the Messiah, although it is special with its style and expressions.
If you want more insight into it then you can check what I mentioned of books before and God is the Bringer of success. I've mentioned something about the gospels and I've pointed out what was in them in general and they are opposing each other even though partially, and I've guided you to them and to who wrote about them in details and to some of the books that discussed them, and I've released myself from mentioning what is in them and what is to profit from them although most of what we had mentioned was taken from them, and we've mentioned and thanks be to God, lot of things in the previous researches about the life of the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, and thanks be to God, He is our Protector and upon Him we shall depend.

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