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Gospel of Luke
The story of Luke is even weirder than that of Matthew and Mark, and he was a physician from Antakya (Antioch) and he didn't see the Messiah at all and he was taught the christianity from Polos (Paul) which was a fundamentalistic jew against the christians and he didn't see the Messiah in his life and used to harm christians, and they said that he found out that it's of no use to harm the christians while he needed them so he preteneded to be one of them and showed that he believed in the Messiah and he claimed that he had an epileptic fit and the Messiah showed himself for him and touched him and ordered him not to harm the christians, and since that time he believed in him and the Messiah sent him to spread his gospel, and talking about him would be long and bad to hear, and he legalized for them to eat the carrion and the wine drinking and that he knew that faith only is enough to servive without doing anything, and the writing of the gospel of Luke was after that Mark wrote his own and that was after the death of Peter and Paul, and some well-known christian writers wrote about Luke and his gospel: he had mixed the lies of novels with the truth of the miracles, and some of them said: Matthew and Mark are different in their writings and if they agreed then their saying is more probable than the saying of Luke, and the one who copied these lines, `Abdul-Wahaâb Al-Najjâr said: let the reader know that Luke mentioned many things in his gospel adding to what was mentioned in the gospel of Matthew in some twenty locations, some of them are miracles and some of them are different stories, and his additions compared to Mark are counted as so much.

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