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Gospel of Mark
Notice the book of Muruj Al-Akhbâr Fi Tarâjim Al-Abrâr that was printed in Beirut in 1880A.D. by Potros Qurmâj, and notice what he says about Murqus (Mark), and that he was a levite jew and he was a pupil of Potros (Peter) the well known, and he is one of the Messiah's followers and he denied the divinity of the Messiah and was killed in a jail in Alexandria in 68A.D. by pagans, and they say that he wrote his gospel by the supervision of his master Peter in 61A.D. to make the nations profit by it and so they were turned to christians by his services, and so was mentioned in the book of Al-Fâriq Bayn Al-Makhlooq W'Al-Khâliq.

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