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The Bell
What is understood from the bell strikes, as attributed to the prince of believers (PUH) that he was talking Al-Hâriþ Al-A`war when the bell was being struck, and he (PUH) said to him: do you know what the bell says? He said: I answered: God, His prophet and his cousin know better, then `Ali (PUH) said: it is striking and it resembling the life and its destruction and it says: no other God but Allah truely truely, life had seduced us and turned us busy with it, O son of life wait and wait, O son of life hardly hardly, O son of life together together, and life is finishing century by century, no single day passes us unless we are getting even weaker, we've lost a life that will be forever and settled down in a life that will be over and we don't know what we had done with it unless we are in front of it. Then said Al-Hâriþ: O prince of believers (PUH), Nazarethans (christians) know that? Then he (PUH) answered: if they knew they wouldn't take the Messiah as a god instead of God, the Exalted. Then said Al-Hâriþ: then I went to the monk and I said to him by the rights of the Messiah upon you, strike the bell as you do, then he started to strike it and I started to say letter by letter until it reached "unless we are in front of it" and then the monk said: by the rights of your prophet, who told you so? I said: that man that was with me yesterday, and it was the prince of believers (PUH), and he said: and is he related to the prophet? I said: he is his cousin, and he said then: by the rights of your prophet did he hear that from your prophet? I said to him: yes, and when he knew that from me he turned to a muslim, and then he said to me: by God, I've found that in Torah and it is mentioned that there will be a prophet at the end of the prophets that will interpret what is said by the bell strikes. There are many other stories with the same meaning.

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