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The Uplift of Jesus The Son of Mary Into Heaven
In a long narration telling the details of the situations of the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary (PUH), and in it: God sent Jesus the son of Mary and put in him the light and the wisdom and all the knowledgements of the prophets before him and revealed for him the gospel and sent him to Jerusalem, to the Israelites, to call them back to the faith of God, and he remained among them for thirty three years until the jews asked for him and they claimed that they killed him, and God wouldn't let them have any control of that but He confused them: they slew him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them(Al-Nisâ':157).
As attributed to Al-Bâqir (PUH) he said: when it was the same night as that when Joshua ben Nun was killed, that is when Jesus the son of Mary was uplifted into heaven and it is the same night that the prince of believers (PUH) was killed as well and at that night no single stone was uplifted from the face of earth unless there was lot of blood underneath it, and it was the same at the night of the death of Al-Husain ben `Ali (PUH). In a narration attributed to him (PUH) also: Jesus (PUH) at the night of his uplift promised his companions and told them what will happen with him, and they gathered around him and they were twelve men and he gave them his advices and made them understand what he wants from them and warned them against the assault of their enemy until he said to them: God shall uplift me in this hour and shall protect me against the jews, so who shall take my shadow and be in my place and shall be crucified and be with me in my place? Then one young man stood up and said: me O Spirit of God, and he said to him: it is you then, and then Jesus said to them: after me you will be divided into three groups, two of you lied and shall be delivered to hell, and one shall be saved and that is the one who follow Sham`un Al-Safâ (Simon) which is true, and then Jesus was uplifted from the corner of the house and they were looking at him, and then said the Imam: then the jews came asking for Jesus the son of Mary at that night as he told them and they took the young man that carried the shadow of Jesus (PUH) and he was killed and crucified, and as attributed to Al-Sâdiq (PUH) that he said: Jesus the son of Mary (PUH) was uplifted and he was dressing wools that Mary made, and when he became into heavens he was called: O Jesus the son of Mary, drop off yourself the ornaments of life.
As attributed to Al-Ridhâ (PUH): there was nothing like the matter of Jesus the son of Mary (PUH) among the prophets, because he was uplifted alive from earth and then his soul was taken between heaven and earth and then uplifted to heaven and his soul returned back to him and this is God's saying: O Jesus! Lo! I am gathering thee and causing thee to ascend unto Me(Al-`Imrân:55), and there is another narration was told about his uplifting into heaven and in the interpretation of the previous holy phrase there were many interpretations been told, and as attributed to Ibn-`Abbâs: "I am gathering thee" means as of the death time, and in some narrations it is mentioned that he died for three hours and then his soul got back to him, and in another interpretation it is said that it means "I shall uplift you alive and remain alive and then you shall come back to earth and die there."
This is supported by a narration been told by the prophet (PUH) and Jesus (PUH) didn't die and he shall be back before the doomsday and die after he is revealed from heaven to earth. Some said that "I am gathering thee and causing thee to ascend unto Me" means "I shall ascend you without a death," and some said that it means "I shall gather you when you sleep and ascend you while you're sleeping" as it is mentioned by God's saying (in another holy phrase): He it is Who gathereth you at night(Al-An`âm:60)... and so on of many interpretations, so the best of those is what is in the middle and this is what is the most famous for us and whoever would meditate about it shall find that this is the truth and only God knows. For God's saying: There is not one of the People of the Scripture but will believe in him before his death(Al-Nisâ':159), Al-Hajjâj ben Yousef Al-Þaqafi [a ruler of Baghdad that was a famous for his blood-thirst and killing people with and without a reason] asked some scholars about its meaning and said: I pass by a jew or a christian who is to be beheaded and look at him but I don't find him moving his lips until he dies, then the scholar answered: it is not as you had interpreted it, and then he said: then how it is interpreted? Then he (the scholar) answered: Jesus the son of Mary shall be revealed before the doomsday from heaven to this life and so no single creed of jews and christians and others would remain unless all would believe in him before their death and he shall pray behind Al-Mahdi (PUH), and then Al-Hajjâj asked: woe to you, from where you had all of that? He said to him: Muhammad ben `Ali ben Al-Husain ben `Ali ben Abi Tâlib (Al-Bâqir) (PUT) told me about it, and then he said to the scholar: by God you got it from a clean water spring. And thanks shall be for God and the most beautiful of compliments.

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