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Some Additions of Narrations About The Messiah, Jesus (PUH)
As attributed to Al-Sâdiq (PUH) that he said that Jesus the son of Mary (PUH) climbed a mountain in the lands of Canaan called Arihâ (Jericho) and the Satan came to him in the shape of the king of Palestine and he said to him: O Spirot of God, you resurrected the dead and cured the blind and the leper, then let yourself down from this mountain, and then Jesus said to him: all of that was by a permission of God and by His commandments and that thing He didn't command me to do, and in another narration it is mentioned that Satan said: don't you claim that you resurrect the dead? Jesus answered: yes, he said then: then let youself down from that wall, and the answer was as mentioned before, and the Satan said: can your Lord get the earth into an egg and the egg as it is and the earth as it is? He (PUH) answered: God is not described with any disability and what you said is not to be because it is impossible by itself because it is a disability in what is possible but not a disability in the abilities of God.
As attributed to Al-Bâqir (PUH): Satan met with Jesus the son of Mary (PUH) and Jesus said to him: did your tricks get some of me? Then Satan said: when your grandmother gave birth to your mother she said: Lord it is a female and a male is not like a female and I sake refuge in you for her offsprings and descendants against the Satan, and so I couldn't harm you.
It is mentioned that Al-Ridhâ (PUH) was asked about the reason that Al-Hawariyoon (The Apostles) were called by this name, and he (PUH) said: for people they were called like this because they used to clean up the clothes from dirts, and for us they are called like this because they are sincere in themselves and used to relief others from the dirts of their sins by sermons. Then he was asked why Nasârâ (Christians, Nazarethans) were called by this name? He answered: because they are from a village called Al-Nâsirah (Nazareth) in the lands of Canaan and there settled Mary and Jesus after coming back from Egypt.
It is mentioned that Jesus once said: O Apostles, I have a request would you fullfil it for me? They said to him: what is your request O Spirit of God? He said to them: to let me wash your feet, they said then: we are the ones that supposed to wash them for you, he said to them: No, this is my request to you. Then he went and washed their feet, and then he said to them: I am the one to be served by those who have the wisdom, and I've been humble to you so that you become humble to the people after me as I am humble to you, and then said Jesus: by being humble, the wisdom grows but not by ego, and so the grass grows in the plains but it doesn't grow in mountains.
In some narrations it is mentioned that Al-Sâdiq (PUH) was asked: why the folks of Jesus were able to walk on water but the folks of Muhammad couldn't do so? He (PUH) then answered: the folks of Jesus had their enough of living and made life so cheap and had their enough in the grass of the ground, and those, the folks of Muhammad (PUH) were troubled by the living and the trade. It is mentioned by them (the Household) (PUT) that the first of nations were three that did not disbelieve in God for one glance of time: `Ali ben Abi-Tâlib, the prince of believers (PUH), and Habeeb Al-Najjâr the believer of Ya Sin [please check the chapter of Ya Sin (13-27)] and the believer of the family of the pharaoh, Ezekiel [please check the chapter of Moses], and `Ali ben Abi-Tâlib (PUH) is their best. Jesus the son of Mary had many strange and amazing tidings that have nothing alike, and one of those is that once upon a time he passed by a village and he settled as a guest for an old woman and she had no one with her except of one son that his father died and was an orphan, and she was so poor and her son loved the daughter of the king because he saw her in her castle and he loved her and her love remained in his heart and he turned so dispaired, so Jesus noticed him and knew that he was so sad and he asked him about his sadness but he denied to give an answer, but he insisted and said to him: tell me about your story maybe the cure is with me, and in brief he told him his story and how despaired he is.
What happened then is that Jesus sent the young man to the king to ask to marry his daughter and when he arrived they blocked his way and mocked at him and were amazed of his request, but he didn't go away until they let him in to the king and he asked to marry his daughter , and then the king said as to mock at him: I shall not give you my daughter until you bring that much of pearsl and that much of jewels and that much of rubies, and he described what was not in his own treasury neither it was in the reasuries of other kings, and then the young man said: I shall go now and bring you the answer, and when he went back to Jesus (PUH) and told him of what happened, Jesus took him and went with him to a deserted place full of stones and rocks and he prayed to God and all turned to what the king asked for, so the young man took what the king asked and went to him, and it was even more better than what the king asked for, and when he arrived to the king he got amazed with the rest of the people sitting in his court, and then the king said: this is not enough, and then the young man turned back to Jesus and told him what happened, and Jesus said: go to the place and take what you want and go to him, and when he got back to the king with the double of the first request, he got more amazed and even so his ministers and the king said then: this young man has a weird affair, and then the king remained with the young man alone and asked about his story, and he told him all the story that happened with Jesus the son of Mary (PUH) and how he loved his daughter, and the king knew that the guest was Jesus the son of Mary (PUH) and that was his own deed and everything the young man came up with was from him and he wants to complete the story up to the young man, and then the king said to the young man: tell the guest to come up to me and let my daughter marry you, and so Jesus came up and married the daughter to the young man and the king sent luxurious clothes to the young man and he wore them and married the daughter at that night, and when it was the morning, the king asked to bring the young man and he talked to him and found out that he was a wiseman and the king had no other son but only this daughter and so the king made him his successor and he ordered everyone to obey him and on the second night the king died and the young man turned to a king and everyone obeyed him, and then Jesus came in the third day to say farewell to him before travelling out of his old mother's house, and then the young man said: O wiseman, you have many great favors upon me that I can't thank for even single one of them, but yesterday a matter passed by my mind and if you didn't answer me about it then everything I had by now is useless to me, he (Jesus) said: and what is that? The young man said: you were able to move me from that low grade to this high position in just two days so why don't you do the same for yourself and I can see you in those clothes and in such situation? And he (Jesus) then answered with something that didn't convince him, and then he insisted and he swore that he shall not let him go until he knows the truth from him, and then Jesus (PUH) said: he who knows God and how much are His favors and His rewards and he who can see how this life will be over and how cheap it is shall not be chasing such mortal kingdom and we have by the closeness to Him and by the knowledgement of Him a spirituality, that beside it we count those mortal lusts as nothing beside it, and when he (Jesus) told him about the life and its badness and the after-life and its rewards, the young man then said: then I have another matter shall be against you, why did you choose what is better for yourself and made me go along with such troubles? Then Jesus (PUH) said to him: I chose that for you to test your mind and your wisdom and to make the reward for you to leave all of those things that are made easy for you and so you shall be a clue by yourself against others, and when the young man heard his answer and saw the truth, he left the kingdom and wore his old clothes and followed Jesus the son of Mary (PUH), so think about it O people of wisdom.
It is narrated by Al-Sâdiq (PUH) that once upon a time Jesus the son of Mary (PUH) went to some destination with three men and he passed by three golden adobes along the road, and Jesus then said to his companions: this is the one that kills people, and he passed it and not so far away one of his companions said: I need to do something, and he departed and then the other two did the same and left Jesus walking alone, and he knew what they wanted, and then the three met over the three adobes, and then the two said to one of them: buy us some food from the near by village, and he went to buy some food and he put some poison in it to kill them so that they won't share the gold with him, and the two said that they shall kill him when he comes back, and when he got back they killed him and then they had their lunch and died, and then Jesus came back to them and they are dead and he resurrected them by the permission of God, and then said to them: didn't I tell you that this is the one that kills people? And as attributed to Al-Bâqir (PUH) that he said: when Jesus was born, he was like two months old in one day, and when he turned to be seven months old, his mother took him to a teacher and made him sit at his place, and the teacher said to him: say by the name of God the most beneficent the most Merciful, and so did Jesus say, and then the teacher said: say Abjad Hawaz [in fact, they are the beginning of the alphabet in semitic languages and they are ABJD HWZ or HVZ], and before the end of his speech, Jesus left his head and said: do you know what is Abjad? The teacher then wanted to hit him and he said to him: O teacher don't hit me, if you know what is it then for it or ask me to tell you the truth, and he said: tell me, and he (Jesus) said: A is for the favors of God, and B is for the happiness of God, and the J for the beauty of God and D for the religion of God, Hawaz: H for how horrible is hell, W is for woe for the people of hell, and Z for the breath of the hell, and HTY for: the sins are dropped down for those who repent, KLMN is for: the words of God that never changed, S`FSs [Ss = Ts in modern Hebrew and Aramaic sometimes]  is for: eye for an eye, QRShT is for: He gathered them together [notice that all of these interpretations are based mainly on the Arabic language, and might be so close to the original language of Jesus, Aramaic, since both of them are semitic languages along with Hebrew and all of them have the same order for the alphabet], and then the teacher said to his mother: O lady, take the hands of your son because he is taught he needs not a teacher. As attributed to Al-Sâdiq (PUH) that he said: Jesus said: I dealth with sick people and cured them with the permission of God, and cured the blind and the leper by the permission of God, and I dealth with the dead and resurrected them by the permission of God, and I dealt with the stupid but I couldn't cure him, so he was asked: and what is the stupid O Spirit of God? he answered: he's the one who likes himself and his own opinion and see that he has all the favors like if they are not done to him and see that he has all the rights and considers no one has any rights, so that is the stupid that has no cure.
It is narrated that Jesus once was wandering and it got stormy with rain and lightning so he got on looking for a shelter, and he saw a tent far away and he went to it and there he found a woman so he remained away from it and then he saw a cave in a mountain and he went there and found a lion, so he put his hand over his back [his back might mean the back of the lion, or his own back] and lifted his head towards God and said: O Lord, You made for everything a shelter but me, and then God inspired to him: your shelter is deep into My Mercy and by My Exaltness I shall let you marry one hundred nymph that I made by My own hands and I shall feed in your wedding for four thousand years and each day of them is like the age of life, and I shall order a caller to call and say: where are the faithful in this life let them attend the wedding of the faithful Jesus the son of Mary. They say that life appeared for him in the shape of an ugly old woman with no teeth and wearing various ornaments, and then Jesus said to her: how many did you marry? She answered: I can't count them, and then he said to her: and all of them died or they divorced you? She said: no but I killed them all, and then he said to her: woe to them your previous husbands, how come you kill them one by one and they weren't aware? And there are many other sermons and advices and miracles that we cannot mention in here and what we have mentioned in here is only like a drop of his sea, so it is enough to take this much of his wisdom, may peace be upon him, and our success is only by God.

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