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The Table And The Mutation Among The Israelites
In the interpretation of Al-`Askiri (PUH) as attributed to the prophet (PUH) that he said: O servants of God, when the people of Jesus asked him to reveal a table from heaven and he asked God to do so, God did say then: Lo! I send it down for you. And whoso disbelieveth of you afterward, him surely will I punish with a punishment wherewith I have not punished any of (My) creatures(Al-Mâ'idah:115). When it was revealed, those who had the faith and their faith grew even stronger got saved, and those who disbelieved then after God did mutate him either in the shape of a pig or a monkey or a cat or a bear or in the shape of birds and creatures of the sea, and so until four hundred of them were mutated. It is mentioned that the table that was revealed for Jesus had nine types of food that were founded by the Will of God and they were not of the food of this life or the food of paradise, as it was mentioned, and it was one of the holiest miracles for the prophets. The prince of believers (PUH) said in some of his speeches: if you willed I shall talk about the Jesus of Mary, his pillow was the stone and his clothes were the harshest and his food was the hunger and his light at night was the moon and his shadows in winter were the east and west of the lands, and his fruit were what the earth planted and he had no wife to charm him nor a son that he would be sad for, nor money that would grab his attention nor greed that would humiliate him, his own transportation tool was his legs and his own servant was his own hands..etc. In Irshâd Al-Quloob (Guiding the Hearts) [a book's name] by Al-Daylami, it is mentioned that Jesus said: my servant is my hands and my own animal is my legs and my bed is the ground and my pillow is the stones and my warmth in winter is the eastern of lands and my light at night is the moon and my food is the hunger and my motto is my fear and my clothes are made of wool and my fruit is what the earth planted for beasts, and so I sleep and I have nothing at all, and wake up and I have nothing, and there is no one on earth that is richer than I do. Apparently, the meaning of "his food is the hunger" might be that he doesn't eat anything unless hunger occupied him totally and he had lust for food and so the hunger is his own food. The purpose of richness here is the richness of the soul and the unnecessity for people, Al-Jaza'iri mentioned that.
As attributed to Al-Sâdiq (PUH) that he used to say: fear God and don't envy each other, for Jesus the son of Mary used to walk on the lands and he went out for some destination and there was a short man with him and he used to stay a lot with him and when Jesus ended up to the sea he said: by the name of God, by the truth that He had given, and then he walked on the surface of the water, and then the short man said when he saw that: by the name of God, by the truth He had given, and he walked on the surface of water and catched Jesus and he wondered about himself and said: this is Jesus the Spirit of God walks on water and I do so too then why he is preferred upon me? Then he was drowned in water and he asked for help from Jesus and Jesus helped him out and said to him: what did you say O short man? He answered: I said: this is Jesus the Spirit of God walks on water and I do so too then why he is preferred upon me? and I was amazed for myself, then Jesus said to him: you have put yourself in a position that was not made for you so God hated you for what you said, so repent, and the man repented and God got him back to the position that God had put him in before so fear God and don't envy each other.

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