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Jesus is One of Those of Will
In lot of tidings and many of them that were brought by men of confidence, it is mentioned that Those of Will of the prophets are Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and the last of the prophets and their master Muhammad (PUT), so their message is general and not especially made for one nation and it is dedicated to everyone of thought of Djinn and people, and it is something that should be out of doubt, especially concerning the laws of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (PUT), and the main job for the prophets with the viceroys and the scholars that were at the time of each one of them was that to tell the laws of them each one according to his time, and he (a prophet) might be inspired with other matters other than those revealed for Those of Will and their viceroys, and the guidance comes from God and He is the only Guider. The fact that Noah was sent to his own people and Abraham to Nimrod, and Moses to the pharaoh, and Jesus to the Israelites, and Muhammad to the Arabs, this fact does not oppose the idea that their message and laws and their books were dedicated to all and even though the prophet was not to be seen, but there should be a media to transfer all of the teachings even if it was by one thousand transferer, and every general laws take over the previous general laws, and so the laws of Islam cancelled out all of the previous laws and it must be worked with until the end of time, and this is the truth as judged by the mind and those of minds as agreed upon by all of those who believed in the laws of Islam, and some of such talk was present in the introduction of this book, notice.
The narrations that points out that a prophet was sent especially for a nation or a city, are interpreted that it was desired that he would be sent personally as it is said that Abraham was a messanger to Nimrod and Moses is for the pharaoh and Jesus to the Israelites or to Palestine and in our prophet to the Arabs, and anyhow that does not oppose the idea that their messages were general and dedicated to all the creatures, and it is said that the Damned, the Satan, asked the angels about the father of Jesus the son of Mary and said: who is his father? The angels said: he is like Adam, then the Satan said: then I shall make four fifths of the people go astray by him, and it is mentioned that a jew asked the prophet (PUH) and said to him: you were assigned a prophet before you were created? he (PUH) answered: yes, and he said: and those who believe in you are assigned as well before they were created? he (PUH) answered: yes they are, then the jew said: then why you didn't speak with wisdom when you went out from the womb of your mother like Jesus the son of Mary did and you claim that you are a prophet even before creation? Then said the prophet (PUH): my cause was not like the cause of Jesus the son of Mary, God created him from a mother without a father as He created Adam without a mother or a father, and if Jesus went out from her womb and didn't speak with wisdom then his mother wouldn't have any excuse in front of the people because she brought him without a father and they would have stoned her as they usually do while she did no sin.

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