Sacred Texts  Islam 


by John A. Williams

[1962, c. 1961, not renewed]

Title Page
The Opening

Chapter One: The Qur’ān: The Word of God

1. God Speaks to Man
2. He Speaks Through the Prophets
3. He Reveals Himself
4. He Commands
5. He Rewards and Punishes

Chapter Two: The Ḥadīth: The News of God's Messenger

1. Muhammad the Messenger
2. The Founding of the Community
3. Muhammad as Founder and Legislator
4. Muhammad as Model and Guide
5. The Preservation of the Prophetic Practice (Sunna)

Chapter Three: The Law: Fiqh, Sharī‘a

1. ‘Ibādāt
2. The Regulation of Personal Status
3. The Ordinance of the Community
4. The Bidding Unto Good (Al-amr bi al-Ma‘ruf)
5. The Rejecting of the Reprehensible (Al-nāhī ‘an al-munkar)
6. The Universality of The Law

Chapter Four: Ṡūfism: The Interior Religion of the Community

1. The Ascetics
2. The Ecstatics
3. The Antinomians
4. The Poets
5. The Dervishes

Chapter Five: Kalām: The Statements of the Theologians

1. Abū Ḥanīfa
2. Al-Māturīdī
3. Al-Ash‘arī
4. Al-Juwaynī
5. Al-Ghazālī
6. Ibn Taymīya

Chapter Six: The Dissidents of the Community

1. The Khārijīs
2. The Zaydīs
3. The Twelvers
4. The Seveners
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