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John Alden Williams




[c. 1961, not renewed]

Scanned at, September, 2005. Proofed and formatted by John Bruno Hare. The book from which this etext was created from is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright was not renewed in a timely fashion at the United States Copyright Office, as required by law at the time.
Portions of this text are derived from other books which may be copyrighted at this time, but are included per the 'Fair Use' provisions of the United States Copyright law. Information on these included books is provided on the next page ("Acknowledgments"). The concept of 'Fair Use' differs from country to country so this etext may not be redistributable for commercial or other purposes in countries outside the United States. You should consult a copyright lawyer if you wish to use this etext or excerpts of this etext; sacred-texts does not warrant the copyright status of this work and cannot assist you with that process other than providing basic bibliographic information and documentation of non-renewal.


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