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A Manual of Hadith

by Maulana Muhammad Ali, M.A., LL.B.



On Jihad and Terrorism: Commentary by J.B. Hare

Title Page
Chapter I: How Divine Revelation Came To The Holy Prophet
Chapter II: Īmān (Faith) And Islām (Submission)
Chapter III. Knowledge
Chapter IV: Purification
Chapter V: The Mosque
Chapter VI: Adhān and Iqāmah
Chapter VII: Jamā'ah or Congregation
Chapter VIII: The Imām
Chapter IX: Institution of Prayer
Chapter X: Prayer-Service
Chapter XI: Friday Service
Chapter XII: 'Īd Service
Chapter XIII: Supererogatory Prayers (Tahajjud, Witr and Tarāwīh)
Chapter XIV: Miscellaneous Prayers (Istikhārah. Salāt al-Kusūf, Istisqā')
Chapter XV: Burial Service
Chapter XVI: Charity and Zakāt
Chapter XVII: Fasting
Chapter XVIII: Pilgrimage (Hajj And 'Umrah)
Chapter XIX: Jihād
Chapter XX: Marriage
Chapter XXI: Divorce
Chapter XXII: Buying and Selling (Buyū')
Chapter XXIII: Cultivation of Land (Al-harth wa-l-muzāra'ah)
Chapter XXIV: Matters Relating to Service (Ijārāt)
Chapter XXV: Debts and Mortgage
Chapter XXVI: Gifts (Hibah and Waqf)
Chapter XXVI: Wills and Inheritance
Chapter XXVIII: Foods and Drinks
Chapter XXIX: Toilet
Chapter XXX: Ethics (Adab)
Chapter XXXI: The State (Al-Imārah)