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While Jesus was supping with his disciples in the house of Simon the leper, behold Mary the sister of Lazarus entered into the house, and, having broken a vessel, poured ointment over the head and garment of Jesus. Seeing this, Judas the traitor was fain to hinder Mary from doing such a work, saying: 'Go and sell the ointment and bring the money that I may give it to the poor.'

Said Jesus: 'Why hinderest thou her? Let her be, for the poor ye shall have always with you, but me ye shall not have always.

Judas answered: 'O master, this ointment might be sold for three hundred pieces of money: now see how many poor folk would be helped.'

Jesus answered: 'O Judas, I know thine heart: have patience, therefore, and I will give thee all.'

Everyone ate with fear, and the disciples were sorrowful, because they knew that Jesus must soon depart from them. But Judas was indignant, because he knew that he was losing thirty pieces of money for the ointment not sold, seeing he stole the tenth part of all that was given to Jesus.

He went to find the high priest, who assembled in council of priests, scribes, and Pharisees; to whom Judas spake saying: 'What will ye give me, and I will betray into your hands Jesus, who would fain make himself king of Israel?'

They answered: 'Now how wilt thou give him into our hand?'

Said Judas: 'When I shall know that he goeth outside the city to pray I will tell you, and will conduct you to the place where he shall be found; for to seize him in the city will be impossible without a sedition.'

The high priest answered: 'If thou wilt give him into our hand we will give thee thirty pieces of gold and thou shalt see how well I will treat thee.'