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When day was come, Jesus went up to the temple with a great multitude of people. Whereupon the high priest drew near, saying: 'Tell me, O Jesus, hast thou forgotten all that thou didst confess, that thou art not God, nor son of God, nor even the Messiah?'

Jesus answered: 'No, of a surety, I have not forgotten; for this is my confession which I shall bear before the judgment-seat of God on the day of judgment. For all that is written in the book of Moses is most true, inasmuch as God our creator is [God] alone, and I am God's servant and desire to serve God's messenger whom ye call Messiah.'

Said the high priest: 'Then what booteth it to come to the temple with so great a multitude of people? Seekest thou, perchance, to make thyself king of Israel? Beware lest some danger befall thee!'

Jesus answered: 'If I sought mine own glory and desired my portion in this world, I had not fled when the people of Nain would fain have made me king. Believe me, verily, that I seek not anything in this world.'

Then said the high priest: 'We want to know a thing concerning the Messiah.' And then the priests, scribes, and Pharisees made a circle round about Jesus.

Jesus answered: 'What is that thing which thou seekest to know about the Messiah? Perchance it is the lie? Assuredly I will not tell thee the lie. For if I had said the lie I had been adored by thee, and by the scribes [and] Pharisees with all Israel: but because I tell you the truth ye hate me and seek to kill me.'

Said the high priest: 'Now we know that thou hast the devil at thy back; for thou art a Samaritan, and hast not respect unto the priest of God.'