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Having said this, Jesus said again: 'Know ye not that there be other sick folk? As God liveth, they be fewer in Jerusalem that have their soul sound than they that be sick in body. And in order that ye may know the truth, I say unto you, O sick folk, in the name of God, let your sickness depart from you!

And when he had said this, immediately they were healed.

The men wept when they heard of the wrath of God upon Jerusalem, and prayed for mercy; when Jesus said: "'If Jerusalem shall weep for her sins and do penance, walking in my ways," saith God, "I will not remember her iniquities any more, and I will not do unto her any of the evil which I have said. But Jerusalem weepeth for her ruin and not for her dishonouring of me, wherewith she hath blasphemed my name among the nations. Therefore is my fury kindled much more. As I live eternally, if Job, Abraham, Samuel, David, and Daniel my servants, with Moses, should pray for this people, my wrath upon Jerusalem will not be appeased."' And having said this, Jesus retired into the house, while every one remained in fear.