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p. 288


BEGONE the Panis, hence away, rebellious, scorners of the
The place is his who poured the juice.
2 Let Savitar approve a spot upon the earth for thy remains:
And let the bulls be yoked for it.
3 Let Vâyu purify. Let Savitar purify. With Agni's glitter.
With Savitar's lustre. Let the bulls be unyoked.
4 The Holy Fig Tree is your home, your mansion is the Parna
Winners of cattle shall ye be if ye regain for me this man.
5 Let Savitar lay down thy bones committed to the Mother's
Be pleasant to this man, O Earth.
6 Here in the God Prajâpati, near water, Man, I lay thee down:
May his light drive mishap from us.
7 Go hence, O Death, pursue thy special pathway apart from
that which Gods are wont to travel.
To thee I say it who hast eyes and hearest: Touch not our
offspring, injure not our heroes.

p. 289

8 Pleasant to thee be wind and sun, and pleasant be the bricks
to thee.
Pleasant to thee be the terrestrial fires: let them not scorch
thee in their flames.
9 Prosper for thee the regions and the waters, and let the seas
for thee be most propitious.
Auspicious unto thee be Air. Prosper all Quarters well for
10 On flows the stony flood: hold fast each other, keep yourselves
up, my friends, and pass the river.
Here let us leave the powers that brought no profit, and
cross the flood to Powers that are auspicious.
11 Drive away evil, drive away fault, sorcery, and guiltiness.
Do thou, O Apâmârga, drive the evil dream away from us.
12 To us let waters and the plants be friendly, to him who
hates us, whom we hate, unfriendly.
13 For our prosperity we touch the ox the son of Surabhi.
Be bearer and deliverer to us as Indra to the Gods.
14 Looking upon the loftiest light, etc., as in XX. 21.
15 Here I erect this rampart for the living: let none of these,
none other, reach this limit.
May they survive a hundred lengthened autumns, and may
they bury Death beneath this mountain.
16 Agni, thou pourest life, etc., as in XIX. 38.

p. 290

17 Waxing with sacrifice live long, O Agni, with butter on thy
face and homed in fatness.
When thou hast drunk the cows’ fair savoury butter, guard,
as a father guards his son, these people.
18 These men have led about the ox, have duly carried Agni
And raised their glory to the Gods. Who will attack them
with success?
19 I drive Corpse-eating Agni to a distance: sin-laden let him
go to Yama's kingdom.
Here let this other, Jâtavedas, carry oblation to the Deities,
20 Carry the fat to Fathers, Jâtavedas, where, far away, thou
knowest, them established.
Let rivulets of marrow flow to meet them, and let their
truthful wishes be accomplished. All-hail!
21 Pleasant be thou to us, O Earth, without a thorn, our
Vouchsafe us shelter reaching far. May thy light drive
mishap from us.
22 Born art thou, Agni, from this man: let him again be born
from thee,
For Svarga's world, the man I name. All-hail!

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