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p. 291


REFUGE I take in Speech as Rich: refuge in Mind as
Yajus-text; refuge in Breath as Sâma-chant; refuge in
Hearing and in Sight.
Speech-energy endowed with strength, inbreath and
outbreath are in me.
2 Whatever deeply-sunk defect I have of eye, or mind, or
heart, that way Brihaspati amend!
Gracious to us be he, Protector of the world.
3 Earth! Ether! Heaven! May we attain that excellent, etc.,
as in III. 33.
With what help will he come to us etc., as in XXVII. 39.
5 What genuine, etc., as in XXVII. 40.
6 Do thou who art, etc., as in XXVII. 41.
7 O Hero, with what aid dost thou delight us, with what
succour bring
Riches to those who worship thee?
8 Indra is king of all that is: may weal attend our bipeds and
our quadrupeds.
9 Gracious he Mitra unto us, and Varuna and Aryaman;
Indra, Brihaspati be kind, and Vishnu of the mighty stride.
10 Pleasantly blow the wind for us, may Sûrya warm us
Pleasantly, with a roar, the God Parjanya send the rain on us.
11 May days pass pleasantly for us, may nights draw near
Befriend us with their aids Indra and Agni, Indra and
Varuna who taste oblations.
Indra and Pûshan be our help in battle, Indra and Soma
give health, strength, and comfort.
12 May the celestial Waters, our helpers, be sweet for us to drink,
And flow with health and strength to us.

p. 292

13 Pleasant be thou to us, O Earth, etc., as in XXXV. 21.
14 Ye, Waters, are, etc., as in XL 50.
15 Give us a portion, etc., as in XI. 51.
16 To you we gladly come, etc., as in XI. 52,
17 Sky alleviation, Air alleviation, Earth alleviation, Plants
Trees alleviation, All-Gods alleviation, Brahma alleviation,
Universe alleviation, just Alleviation alleviation—may
that alleviation come to me!
18 Caldron, strengthen me. May all beings regard me with the
eye of a friend. May I regard all beings with the eye of
a friend.
With the eye of a friend do we regard one another.
19 Do thou, O Caldron, strengthen me. Long may I live to
look on thee. Long may I live to look on thee.
20 Obeisance to thy wrath and glow, etc., as in XXII. 11.
21 Homage to thee the lightning flash, homage to thee the
thunder's roar!
Homage, O Bounteous Lord, to thee whereas thou fain
wouldst win to heaven!
22 From whatsoever trouble thou desirest, give us safety thence.
Give to our children happiness and to our beasts security.
23 To us let Waters and let Plants be friendly, etc., as in VI. 23.
21 Through hundred autumns may we see that bright Eye,
God-appointed, rise,
A hundred autumns may we live.
Through hundred autumns may we hear; through hundred
autumns clearly speak: through hundred autumns live
content; a hundred autumns, yea, beyond a hundred
autumns may we see.

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