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p. 280


THAT which, divine, mounts far when man is waking, that
which returns to him when he is sleeping,
The lights’ one light that goeth to a distance, may that,
my mind, be moved by right intention.
2 Whereby the wise and thoughtful in assemblies, active in
sacrifice, perform their duties,
The peerless spirit stored in living creatures, may that, my
mind, be moved by right intention.
3 That which is wisdom, intellect, and firmness, immortal light
which creatures have within them,
That without which men do no single action, may that, my
mind, be moved by right intention.
4 Whereby, immortal, all is comprehended, the world which is,
and what shall be hereafter,
Whereby spreads sacrifice with seven Hotars, may that, my
mind, be moved by right intention.
5 Wherein the Richas, Sâmans, Yajur-verses, like spokes within
a car's nave, are included,
And all the thought of creatures is inwoven, may that, my
mind, be moved by right intention.
6 Controlling men, as, with the reins that guide them, a skilful
charioteer drives fleet-foot horses,
Which dwells within the heart, agile, most rapid, may that,
my mind, be moved by right intention.
7 Now will I glorify great strength's upholder, Food,
By whose invigorating might Trita rent Vritra limb from limb.

p. 281

8 Do thou, in truth, Anumati, assent and grant us happiness.
Urge us to strength and energy: prolong the days we have
to live.
9 Anumati this day approve our sacrifice among the Gods!
Oblation-bearing Agni be, and thou, bliss to the worshipper!
10 O broad-tressed Sinîvâlî, thou who art the sister of the Gods,
Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, grant us progeny.
11 Five rivers flowing on their way speed onward to Sarasvatî,
But then became Sarasvatî a fivefold river in the land.
12 O Agni, thou the earliest Angiras, the Seer, hast, God thyself,
become the Gods’ auspicious Friend.
After thy holy ordinance the Maruts, sage, active through
wisdom, with their glittering spears, were born.
15 Worthy to be revered, O Agni, God, preserve our wealthy
patrons with thy succours, and ourselves.
Guard art thou of our seed and progeny and cows, incessantly
protecting in thy holy law.
14 Lay this with care on her who lies extended: straight, when
impregned, hath she brought forth the Hero.
With his bright pillar—radiant is his lustre—in our skilled
task is born the Son of Idâ.
15 In Idâ's place, the centre of the earth, will we deposit thee,
That, Agni Jâtavedas, thou mayst bear our offerings to the
16 Like Angiras a gladdening laud we ponder to him who loveth
song, exceeding mighty.
Let us sing glory to the far-famed Hero who must be praised
with fair hymns by the singer.

p. 282

17 Unto the Great One bring great adoration, a chant of praise
to him the very potent,
Through whom our sires, Angirases, singing praises, and
knowing well the places, found the cattle.
18 The friends who offer Soma long to find thee: they pour
forth Soma and present their viands.
They bear, Unmoved, the cursing of the people, for all our
wisdom comes from thee, O Indra.
19 Not far for thee are mid-air's loftiest regions: start hither,
Lord of Bays, with both Bay Horses.
Pressed for the Firm and Strong are these libations. The
pressing-stones are set, the fire is kindled.
20 Invincible in fight, saviour in battles, guard of our camp,
winner of light and water,
Born amid hymns, well-housed, exceeding famous, victor, in
thee may we rejoice, O Soma.
21 To him who worships Soma gives a milch cow, a fleet steed,
and a man of active knowledge,
Skilled in home duties, competent in council, meet for the
court, the glory of his father.
22 These herbs, these milch-kine, and these running waters, all
these, O Soma, thou hast generated.
The spacious firmament hast thou expanded, and with the
light thou hast dispelled the darkness.
23 Do thou, God Soma, with thy God-like spirit, victorious,
win for us a share of riches.
Let none prevent thee: thou art Lord of valour. Provide
for these and those in fight for cattle.
24 The earth's eight points his brightness hath illumined, three
desert regions, and the Seven Rivers.

p. 283

God Savitar the gold-eyed hath come hither, giving choice
treasures to the man who worships.
25 Savitar, golden-handed, swiftly moving, goes on his way
between the earth and heaven,
Drives away sickness, bids the Sun approach us, and spreads
the bright sky through the darksome region.
26 May, he, gold-handed Asura, kind leader, come hitherward
to us with help and favour.
Driving off Râkshasas and Yâtudhânas, the God is present,
praised in hymns at evening.
27 O Savitar, thine ancient dustless pathways are well established
in the air's mid-region.
O God, come by those paths so fair to travel: preserve thou
us from harm this day and bless us.
28 Drink our libations, Asvins twain, grant us protection, both
of you,
With aids which none may interrupt.
29 Make ye our speech effectual, O Asvins, and this our hymn,
ye mighty Wonder-workers.
In luckless game I call on you for succour: strengthen us
also on the field of battle.
30 With undiminished blessings, O ye Asvins, through days and
nights on every side protect us.
This prayer of ours may Varuna grant, and Mitra, and Aditi
and Sindhu, Earth and Heaven.
31 Throughout the dusky firmament, etc., as in XXXIII. 43.
32 Night! the terrestrial realm hath been filled with the
Father's power and might.
Thou spreadest thee on high unto the seats of heaven: terrific
darkness cometh nigh.

p. 284

33 O Dawn enriched with ample wealth, bestow on us that
wondrous gift
Wherewith we may support children and children's sons.
34 Agni at dawn, and Indra we invoke at dawn, and Varuna
and Mitra and the Asvins twain,
Bhaga at dawn, Pûshan and Brahmanaspati, Soma at dawn,
Rudra may we invoke at dawn.
35 May we invoke strong early-conquering Bhaga, the Son of
Aditi, the great Arranger,
Thinking of whom the poor, yea, even the mighty, even the
King says, Let me share in Bhaga.
36 Bhaga our guide, Bhaga whose gifts are faithful, favour this
prayer and give us wealth, O Bhaga.
Bhaga, increase our store of kine and horses: Bhaga, may
we be rich in men and heroes.
37 So may felicity be ours at present, and when the day
approaches, and at noontide;
And may we still, O Bounteous One, at sunset be happy in
the Deities’ loving-kindness.
38 May Bhaga verily he Bliss-bestower, and through him,
Gods! may happiness attend us.
As such, O Bhaga, all with might invoke thee: as such be
thou our Champion here, O Bhaga.
39 To this our worship may the Dawns incline them, and come
to the pure place like Dadhikrâvan.
As strong steeds draw a chariot shay they bring us hitherward
Bhaga who discovers treasure.
40 May friendly Mornings dawn on us for ever, with wealth of
kine, of horses, and of heroes,
Streaming with all abundance, pouring fatness. Preserve
us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

p. 285

41 Secure in thy protecting care, O Pûshan, never may we fail:
We here are singers of thy praise.
42 I praise with eloquence hire who guards all pathways. He,
when his love impelled him, went to Arka.
May he vouchsafe us gear with gold to grace it: may Pûshan
make each prayer of ours effective.
43 Vishnu the undeceivable Protector strode three steps, thenceforth
Establishing his high decrees.
44 This, Vishnu's station most sublime, the singers ever vigilant.
Lovers of holy song, light up.
45 Filled full of fatness, compassing all things that be, wide,
spacious, dropping meath, beautiful in their form,
The Heaven and the Earth by Varuna's decree, unwasting,
rich in seed, stand parted each from each.
46 Let those who are our foemen stand afar from us: with
Indra and with Agni we will drive them off.
Vasus, Âdityas, Rudras have exalted me, made me preëminent,
mighty, thinker, sovran lord.
47 Come, O Nâsatyas, with the thrice eleven Gods: come,
O ye Asvins, to the drinking of the meath.
Prolong our days of life, and wipe out all our sins: ward off
our enemies; be with us evermore.
48 May this your praise, may this your song, O Maruts, sung
by the poet, Mâna's son, Mândârya,

p. 286

Bring offspring for ourselves with food to feed us. May we
find strengthening food in full abundance.
49 They who were versed in ritual and metre, in hymns and
rules, were the Seven godlike Rishis.
Viewing the path of those of old, the sages have taken up
the reins like chariot-drivers.
50 Bestowing splendour, length of life, increase of wealth, and
conquering power,
This brightly shining gold shall be attached to me for victory.
51 This gold no demons injure, no Pisâchas; for this is might
of Gods, their primal offspring.
Whoever wears the gold of Daksha's children lives a long life
among the Gods, lives a long life among mankind.
52 This ornament of gold which Daksha's children bound, with
benevolent thoughts, on Satânîka,
I bind on me for life through hundred autumns, that I may
live till ripe old age o’ertakes me.
53 Let Ahibudhnya also hear our calling, and Aja-Ekapâd and
Earth and Ocean.

p. 287

All Gods Law-strengtheners, invoked and lauded, and Texts
recited by the sages, help us!
54 These hymns that drop down fatness, with the ladle I ever
offer to the Kings Âdityas.
May Mitra, Aryaman, and Bhaga hear us, the mighty Varuna,
Daksha, and Amsa.
55 Seven Rishis are established in the body: seven guard it
evermore with care unceasing.
Seven waters seek the world of him who lies asleep: two
sleepless Gods are feast-fellows of him who wakes.
56 O Brahmanaspati, arise. God-fearing men, we pray to thee.
May they who give good gifts, the Maruts, come to us. Indra,
be thou most swift with them.
57 Now Brahmanaspati speaks forth aloud the solemn hymn
of praise.
Wherein Indra and Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, the Gods have
made their dwelling-place.
58 O Brahmanaspati, be thou controller of this our hymn, and
prosper thou our children.
All that the Gods regard with love is blessèd. Loud may
we speak, with brave sons, in assembly.
He who sate down. Mighty in mind. Father who made us.
A share of good, O Lord of Food.

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