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p. 267


His be the fires, eternal, purifying, protectors of our homes,
whose smoke is shining,
White, waxing in their strength, for ever stirring, and seated
in the wood: like winds are Somas.
2 Gold-coloured, bannered with the smoke, urged by the wind,
aloft to heaven
Rise, lightly borne, the flames of fire.
Bring to us Mitra-Varuna, bring the Gods to the great
Bring them, O Agni, to thine home.
4 Yoke, Agni, as a charioteer, thy steeds who best invoke the
As ancient Hotar take thy seat.
5 To fair goals travel Two unlike in semblance: each in
succession nourishes an infant.
One bears a Godlike Babe of golden colour: bright and
fair-shining is be with the other.
6 Here by ordainers was this God appointed first Invoker,
best at worship, to be praised at rites,
Whom Apnavâna and the Bhrigus caused to shine,
bright-coloured in the wood, spreading to every house.
7 Three times a hundred Gods, and thrice a thousand, and
three times ten, and nine have worshipped Agni,
For him spread sacred grass, balmed him with butter, and
stablished him as Priest and Sacrificer.

p. 268

8 Him, messenger of earth and head of heaven, Agni Vaisvânara,
born in holy Order,
The Sage, the King, the Guest of men, a vessel fit for their
mouths, the Gods have generated.
9 May Agni slay the foemen,—fain for riches, through the
love of song
Kindled, bright, served with sacrifice.
10 With the All-Gods, with Indra and with Vâyu drink the
Soma mead,
O Agni, after Mitra's laws.
11 When splendour reached the Lord of men to speed him,
down from the heaven was shed the brilliant moisture.
Agni brought forth to light and filled with spirit the youthful
host benevolent and blameless.
12 Show thyself strong for mighty bliss, O Agni; most excellent
be thine effulgent splendours.
Make easy to maintain our household lordship and trample
down the might of those who hate us.
13 We have elected thee as most delightful for thy beams’
glow: hear our great laud, O Agni.
The best men praise thee as the peer of Indra in strength,
mid Gods, like Vâyu in thy bounty.
14 O Agni who art worshipped well, dear let our princes be to
Our wealthy patrons who are governors of men, who part in
gifts their stalls of kine.

p. 269

15 Hear, Agni who hast ears to hear, with all thy train of
escort Gods.
Let Mitra, Aryaman, seeking betimes our rite, seat them
upon the sacred grass.
16 The Freedom of all Gods who merit worship, freely received
as Guest in all men's houses,
Agni who hath secured the Gods’ high favour, may he be
gracious to us, Jâtavedas.
17 In great enkindled Agni's keeping and, for bliss, free from
all sin before Mitra and Varuna,
May we share Savitar's best animating help. We crave this
gracious favour of the Gods to-day.
18 Like barren cows, moreover, swelled the waters: singers
approached thy holy cult, O Indra.
Come thou to us as to his team comes Vâyu. Thou through
our solemn hymns bestowest bounty.
19 Ye Cows, protect the fount. The two mighty Ones bless the
The handles twain are wrought of gold.
20 Now when the Sun hath risen to-day may sinless Mitra,
Bhaga, and Savitar speed us forth.
21 Pour on the juice the ornament which reaches both the
heaven and earth;

p. 270

Supply the liquid to the Bull.
Thou in the first old time. See, Vena.
22 As he was rising up they all revered him: self-luminous he
travels, clothed in splendour.
That is the Bull's, the Asura's lofty nature: he, Omniform,
hath reached the eternal waters.
23 I laud your Mighty One who joyeth in the juice, him who
is good to all men, who pervadeth all;
Indra whose conquering strength is powerful in war, whose
fame and manly vigour Heaven and Earth revere.
24 Great is their fuel, strung their laud, wide is their sacrificial
Whose Friend is Indra, ever young.
25 Come, Indra, and delight thee with the juice at all the
Soma feasts,
Conqueror, mighty in thy strength.
26 Leading his band, Indra encompassed Vritra; weak grew
the wily leader of enchanters.
He who burns fierce in forests slaughtered Vyamsa, and
made the milch-kine of the nights apparent.
27 Whence comest thou alone, thou who art mighty, Indra,
Lord of the Brave? What is thy purpose?
Thou greetest us, encountering us the Bright Ones. Lord of
Bay Steeds, say what thou hast against us.
Indra, great in his power and might. Ne’er art thou fruitless.
Never art thou neglectful.

p. 271

28 Those men extolled that deed of thine, O Indra, those who
would fain burst through the stall of cattle,
Fain to milk her who bare but once, great, lofty, whose sons
are many and her streams a thousand.
29 To thee the Mighty One I bring this mighty hymn, for thy
desire hath been gratified by my laud.
In Indra, yea, in him victorious through his might, the
Gods have joyed at feast and when the Soma flowed.
30 May the Bright God drink glorious Soma-mingled mead,
giving the sacrifice's lord uninjured life;
He who, wind-urged, in person guard our offspring well,
hath nourished them with food and shone o’er many a
31 His bright rays bear him up aloft, the God who knoweth all
that lives,
Sûrya, that all may look on him.
32 Pure Varuna, with that same eye wherewith thou lookest
upon one
Actively stirring mid the folk—
33 Ye two divine Adhvaryus, come hither upon a sun-bright car:
Bedew our sacrifice with stead.
Thou in the first old time. See, Vena. The brilliant presence.
34 Loved of all men, may Savitar through praises offered as
sacred food come to our synod,
That ye too, through our hymns, ye ever youthful, may
gladden at your visit all our people.

p. 272

35 Whatever, Vritra-slayer! thou Surya hast risen on to-day,
That, Indra, all is in thy power.
36 Swift, visible to all art thou, O Sûrya, maker of the light,
Illuming all the radiant realm.
37 This is the Godhead, this the might of Sûrya: he hath
withdrawn what spread o’er work unfinished.
When he hath loosed his horses from their station, straight
over all Night spreadeth out her garment.
38 In the sky's lap the Sun this form assumeth that Varuna
and Mitra may behold it.
His Bay Steeds well maintain their power eternal, at one
time bright, and darksome at another.
39 Verily, Sûrya, thou art great; truly, Âditya, thou art great.
As thou art great indeed thy greatness is admired: yea,
verily thou, God, art great.
40 Yea, Sûrya, thou art great in fame: thou, evermore, O God,
art great.
Thou by thy greatness art the Gods’ Home-Priest, divine,
far-spread, unconquerable light.
41 Turning, as ’twere, to meet the Sun, enjoy from Indra all
good things.
When he who will be horn is born with power we look to
treasures as our heritage.
42 To-day, ye Gods, when Sûrya hath ascended, deliver us
front trouble and dishonour.
This boon may Varuna and Mitra grant us, and Aditi and
Sindhu, Earth and Heaven.

p. 273

43 Throughout the dusky firmament advancing, laying to rest
the immortal and the mortal,
Borne on his golden chariot he cometh, Savitar, God,
beholding living creatures.
44 Soft to the tread the sacred grass is scattered: these go
like Kings amid the band around them,
At the folk's early call on Night and Morning,—Vâyu, and
Pûshan with his team to bless us.
45 Indra, Vâyu, Brihaspati, Mitra, Agni, Pûshan, Bhaga,
Âdityas, and the Marut host.
46 Be Varuna our chief defence, let Mitra guard us with all aids:
Both make us rich exceedingly!
47 Regard us, Indra, Vishnu, here, ye Asvins, and the Marut
host, us who are kith and kin to you.
Thou in the first old time. See, Vena. O ye eleven Gods.
Loved of all men, may Savitar. With the All-Gods. Ye
Visvedevas who protect.
48 O Agni, Indra, Varuna, and Mitra, give, O ye Gods, and
Marut host, and Vishnu.
May both Nâsatyas, Rudra, heavenly Matrons, Pûshan,
Sarasvatî, Bhaga accept us.
49 Indra, Agni, Mitra, Varuna, Aditi, the Waters, Mountains,
Maruts, Sky, and Earth and Heaven,
Vishnu I call, Pûshan and Brahmanaspati, and Bhaga, Samsa,
Savitar that they may help.
50 With us are raining Rudras, clouds accordant in call to
battle at the death of Vritra,
The strong, assigned to him who sings and praises. May
Gods with Indra as their chief protect us.

p. 274

51 Turn yourselves hitherward this day, ye Holy, that fearing
in my heart I may approach you.
Protect us, Gods, let not the wolf destroy us. Save us, ye
Holy, from the pit and falling.
52 This day come all the Maruts, etc., as in XVIII. 31.
53 Listen, All-Gods, to this mine invocation, ye who inhabit
heaven and air's mid-region.
All ye; O Holy Ones, whose tongue is Agni, seated upon
this sacred grass be joyful.
54 For thou at first producest for the holy Gods the noblest of
all portions, immortality.
Thereafter as a gift to men, O Savitar, thou openest existence,
life succeeding life.
55 I with a lofty song call hither Vâyu all-bounteous, filler of
his car, most wealthy.
Thou, Sage, with bright path, Lord of harnessed horses,
impetuous, promptly honourest the prudent.
56 These, Indra-Vâyu, have been shed, etc., as in VII. 8.
57 Mitra of holy strength I call, and foe-destroying Varuna,
Who make the oil-fed rite complete.
58 Nâsatyas, Wonder-workers, yours are these libations with
clipt grass.
Come ye whose paths are bright with glow.
59 When Saramâ had, found the mountain's fissure, that vast
and ancient place she plundered thoroughly.
In the floods’ van she led them forth, light-footed: she who
well knew came first unto their lowing.

p. 275

60 For nowhere did they find another envoy to lead the way
than this Vaisvânara Agni.
The Gods immortal strengthened the immortal Vaisvânara
to win the land in battle.
61 The strong, dispellers of the foe, Indra and Agni, we invoke:
May they be kind to one like me.
62 Sing forth to Indu, O ye men, to him as he is purified,
Fain to pay worship to the Gods.
63 Drink Soma, Indra, handed with the Maruts who, Boon
Lord! strengthened thee at Ahi's slaughter,
’Gainst Sambara, Lord of Bays! in winning cattle, and now
rejoice in thee, the holy singers.
64 Thou vast born mighty for victorious valour, exulting,
strongest, full of pride and courage.
There, even there the Maruts strengthened Indra when his
most rapid Mother stirred the Hero.
65 O thou who slewest Vritra, come, O Indra, hither to our side,
Mighty One with thy mighty aids.
66 Thou in thy battles, Indra, art subduer of all hostile bands.
Father art thou, all-conquering, cancelling the curse: vanquish
the men who fight with us.
67 Heaven and Earth cling close to thy victorious might
As sire and mother to their child.
68 The sacrifice obtains the Gods’ acceptance, etc., as in VIII. 4.
69 Protect our habitation, Savitar, this day with guardian
aids around, propitious, ne’er beguiled.
God of the golden tongue, keep us for newest bliss: let not
the evil-wisher have us in his power.

p. 276

70 For you have flowed, through noble ministration, pressed
by Adhvaryus, bright sweet-flavoured juices.
Drive on thy team and come thou hither, Vâyu: drink for
thy rapture of the sap of Soma.
71 Ye Cows, protect, etc., as in verse 14.
72 Come ye foe-slayers to the place of meeting, to the
birth-places of the two great Sages,
With force of intellect unto the dwelling.
73 Ye two divine Adhvaryus, etc., as in verse 33. Thou in
the time of old. See, Vena.
74 Transversely was the severing line extended: was it above,
or was it, haply, under?
There were begetters, there were mighty forces, free action
here and energy up yonder.
75 He hath filled heaven and earth and the great realm of light,
when at his birth the skilful held him in their hold.
He like a steed is led forth to the sacrifice, Sage, graciously
inclined, that he may win us wealth.
76 Call hither with the song and lauds the two best slayers of
the foe,
Delighting even in our hymn.
77 All Sons of Immortality shall listen to the songs we sing,
And be exceeding good to us.
78 Mine are devotions, hymns, sweet are libations. Strength
stirs, and hurled forth is my rocky weapon.
They call for me, for me their lauds are longing. To their
libations these my Bay Steeds bear me.

p. 277

79 Nothing, O Bounteous Lord, stands firm before thee: among
the Gods not one is found thine equal.
None born or springing into life comes near thee. Do what
thou hast to do, exceeding mighty!
80 In all the worlds That was the Best and Highest whence
sprang the mighty God of splendid valour.
Quickly when born he overcomes his foemen, he in whom
all who lend him aid are joyful.
81 May these my songs of praise exalt thee, Lord, who hast
abundant wealth.
Men skilled in holy hymns, pure, with the hues of fire, have
sung them with their lauds to thee.
82 Good Lord of wealth is he to whom all Âryas, Dâsas here
E’en over unto thee, the pious Rusama Pavîru, is that
wealth brought nigh.
83 He, with his might advanced by Rishis thousandfold, hath
like an ocean spread himself.
His majesty is praised as true at solemn rites, his power
where holy singers rule.
84. Protect our habitation, Savitar, etc., as in verse 69.
85 Come, Vâyu, drawn by fair hymns, to our sacrifice that
reaches heaven.
Poured on the middle of the straining-cloth and dressed,
this bright drink hath been offered thee.
86 Indra and Vâyu, fair to see and swift to hear, we call to us,
That in assembly all, yea, all the folk may be benevolent to
us and free from malady.

p. 278

87 Yea, specially that mortal man hath toiled for service of
the Gods,
Who quickly hath brought near Mitra and Varuna to share
his sacrificial gifts.
38 Approach ye, and be near to us. Drink, O ye Asvins, of
the mead.
Draw forth the milk, ye mighty, rich in genuine wealth!
Injure us not, and come to us.
89 May Brahmanaspati draw nigh, may Sûnritâ the Goddess
And Gods bring to our rite which gives the fivefold gift the
Hero, lover of mankind.
90 Within the Waters runs the Moon, he with the beauteous
wings, in heaven.
To yellow-hued abundant wealth, object of many a man's
desire, loud-neighing goes the tawny Steed.
91 Singing their praise with godlike hymn let us invoke each
God for grace,
Each God to bring you help, each God to strengthen you.
92 Agni Vaisvânara, set in heaven, with mighty splendour
hath shone forth.
Increasing in his power on earth, benevolent, he quells the
darkness with his light.
93 First, Indra Agni! hath this Maid come footless unto those
with feet.
Stretching her head and speaking loudly with her tongue,
she hath gone downward thirty steps.

p. 279

94 For of one spirit are the Gods with mortal man, co-sharers
all of gracious gifts.
May they increase our strength hereafter and to-day, providing
ease and ample room.
95 Indra who quells the curse blew curses far away, and then
in splendour came to us.
Indra, refulgent with the Marut host! the Gods eagerly
strove to win thy love.
96 To Indra, to your mighty Chief, Maruts, sing forth a mighty
Let Satakratu, Vritra-slayer, kill the fiend with hundred-knotted
97 Indra increased his manly strength at sacrifice, in the wild
rapture of this juice;
And living men to-day, even as of old, sing forth their
praises to his majesty.
May these. Good Lord of wealth. He with his might.
Stand up erect.

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