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p. 418



1. Agni, purifier! With thy splendour, with thy delightful tongue, O god, bring hither the gods and perform the sacrifice.

2. Thee therefore we approach, who swimmest in ghrita 1, O (god) with brilliant light, thee of sun-like aspect. Bring hither the gods that they may feast.

3. Let us kindle thee, O sage, the brilliant offerer of feasts (to the gods), O Agni, the mighty (god) at the sacrifice.


4. Agni, come hither with all the gods to the gift of the offering. We choose thee as our Hotri.

5. Bring to the sacrificer who presses (Soma), Agni, abundance of heroes. Sit down on the sacrificial grass together with the gods.

6. Being kindled, Agni, conqueror of thousandfold (wealth), thou makest the ordinances (of the world) thrive, the praiseworthy messenger of the gods.


1. Lay down Agni Gâtavedas, the carrier of offerings, the youngest, the god, the priest.

8. May the sacrifice which best encompasses the gods, proceed to-day in due order. Spread the sacrificial grass that (the gods) may sit down on it.

9. May the Maruts, the Asvins, Mitra and Varuna sit down on this (sacrificial grass). the gods with all their folk.

p. 419


The same Rishis. Metre, Gâyatrî. Verses 1–3 = SV. II, 871–873. Verse 1= TS. I, 3, 14, 8; 5, 5, 3; IV, 6, 1, 2; MS. I, 5, 1; II, 10, 1; IV, 10, 1; VS. XVII, 8. Verse 3 = TS. I, 1, 11, 2; VS. II, 4; comp. MS. I, 1, 12. Verse 7 = MS. IV, 11, 1.

As V, 26, this Sûkta also consists of Trika hymns.

Verse 2.

Note 1. Comp. above, IV, 2, 3, note 1.

Verse 7.

Note 1. With verses 7 and 8, compare above, V, 22, 2.

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