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p. 377




1. Sacrifice sharp ghrita to the well-kindled light, to Agni Gâtavedas.

2. May the unbeguiled Narâsamsa make this sacrifice ready; for he is a sage with honey in his hand.

1. Agni, magnified by us, bring hither to our help the bright, beloved Indra, with easy-going chariots.

4. Soft like wool 1 spread thyself (O Barhis). The hymns have been sung to thee. Be to us for success, O beautiful (Barhis)!

5. O divine, easily passable doors, open yourselves for our protection. Fill the sacrifice (with bliss) further and further!

6. We approach (with prayers) Night and Morning, whose face is beautiful, the increasers of vital strength, the two young mothers of Rita.

7. On the wind's flight, magnified, ye two divine Hotris of man, come hither to this our sacrifice.

1. Ilâ, Sarasvatî, and Mahî, the three comfort-giving goddesses, they who do not fail, shall sit down on the sacrificial grass.

9. Come hither as a friend, Tvashtri and mighty in welfare, and also by thyself, protect us in every sacrifice.

10. Where thou knowest, O tree (i. e. sacrificial

p. 378

post), the secret names of the gods, to that place make the offerings go.

11. Svâhâ to Agni and Varuna! Svâhâ to Indra and the Maruts! Svâhâ to the gods for our offering!


The same Rishi. Metre, Gâyatrî.—Verse 1 = VS. III, 2. Verse 9 = TS. III, 1, 11, 2. Verse 10 = TB. III, 7, 2, 5.

Verse 3.

Note 1. The first hemistich is identical with I, 142, 4.

Verse 4.

Note 1. On û´rna-mradâh, see Lanman, Noun-Inflection, p. 560.

Verse 8.

Note 1. This verse is identical with I, 13, 9.

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