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1. Thee, O Agni, the treasure-lord of treasures, I gladden at the sacrifices, O king! May we, striving for gain, conquer gain through thee; may we overcome the hostilities of mortals.

2. Agni, the bearer of oblations, our ever-young father, is mighty, brilliant, beautiful to behold among us. Shine (on us) food with a good household 1. Turn all glory towards us 2.

3. Establish Agni as the Hotri, the sage of the clans, the lord of human clans, the bright purifier, whose back is covered with ghee, the omniscient. May he obtain the best goods (for us) among the gods.

4. Enjoy thyself, O Agni, joined with Idâ, uniting thyself with the rays of the sun. Enjoy our fuel, O Gâtavedas, and bring the gods hither that they may eat our offerings.

5. Welcome, as our household-god and the guest in our dwelling, come to this our sacrifice as the knowing one. Dispelling, O Agni, all (hostile) attempts, bring to us the possessions of those who are at enmity with us.

6. Drive away the Dasyu with thy weapon, creating strength for thy own body. When thou bringest the gods across (to us), O son of strength, then, O manliest Agni, protect us in (our striving for) gain.

7. May we worship thee, O Agni, with hymns, with offerings, O purifier with glorious light. Stir for us wealth with all goods; bestow on us all riches!

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8. Enjoy, O Agni, our sacrifice, our offering,

O son of strength who dwellest in three abodes. May we be well-doers before the gods. Protect us with thy thrice-protecting shelter.

9. Bring us across all difficulties and dangers,

8. Gâtavedas, as with a boat across a river. Agni, being praised with adoration as (thou hast been praised) by Atri, be a protector of our bodies.

10. When I, the mortal, call thee, the immortal, thinking of thee with humble mind 1, bestow glory on us, O Gâtavedas; may I attain immortality, O Agni, with my offspring.

11. The well-doer to whom thou, O Agni Gâtavedas, createst pleasant freedom, will happily attain wealth with horses and sons, with valiant men and cows.


The same Rishi and metre.—Verse 1 = TS. I, 4, 46, 2. Verse 2 = TS. III, 4, 11, 1; MS. IV, 12, 6; 14, 15. Verse 5 = AV. VII, 73, 9; TB. II, 4, 1, 1; MS. IV, 11, 1. Verse 9 = TB. II, 4, 1, 5; TÂ. X, 2, 1; MS. IV, 10, 1. Verses 10, 11 = TS. I, 4, 46, 1.

Verse 2.

Note 1. According to the traditional text, su-gârhapatyâ´h must be an epithet of íshah. But the conjecture of Böhtlingk-Roth, su-gârhapatyáh, has great probability 'as the good protector of our household, shine food on us.' Cf. AV. XII, 2, 45 = TB. I, 2, 1, 20.

Note 2. The second hemistich is nearly identical with III, 54, 22.

Verse 10.

Note 1. See Pischel, Vedische Studien, I, 221.

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