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1. When he returns from a journey, he approaches his house in the manner stated above.

2. When he sees his son, he murmurs, 'From limb by limb thou art produced; out of the heart thou art born. Thou indeed art the Self called son; so live a hundred autumns!'

3. He then kisses his head with (the words), 'With the himkâra (the mystical syllable hiṅ) of Pragâpati, which gives thousandfold life, I kiss thee, N.N.! Live a hundred autumns!'—

4. And three times with (the words), 'With the himkâra of the cows.'

5. In his right ear he murmurs, 'Bestow on us, O bountiful, onward-pressing Indra, plentiful, rich treasures. Give us a hundred autumns to live; give us many heroes, strong jawed Indra;'

6. In the left ear, 'Indra, bestow on us the best treasures, insight of mind, happiness, increase of wealth, health of our bodies, sweetness of speech, and that our days may be good days.'

7. For a girl he only kisses the head silently.


298:1 18, 1. See Kâtyâyana, Srauta-sûtra IV, 12, 22 seq.: With the words, 'House, be not afraid,' &c. (Vâg. Samh. III, 41) he approaches the house. With, 'For peace you' (III, 43) he enters it.

298:5 Rig-veda III, 36, 10.

298:6 Rig-veda II, 21, 6.

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