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1. On the tenth day (after the birth of the child) the father, having made (his wife) get up, and having fed the Brâhmanas, gives a name (to the child),

2. Of two syllables, or of four syllables beginning with a sonant, with a semivowel in it, with a long vowel (or) the Visarga (at its end), with a Krit (suffix), not with a Taddhita;

3. With an uneven number of syllables, ending in â, with a Taddhita (suffix) to a girl.

4. (The name) of a Brâhmana (should end in)

p. 298

sarman (for inst. Vishnusarman), that of a Kshatriya in varman (for inst. Lakshmîvarman), that of a Vaisya in gupta (for inst. Kandragupta).

5. In the forth month (follows) the going out.

6. He makes (the child) look at the sun, pronouncing (the verse), 'That eye' (Vâg. Samhitâ XXXVI, 24).


297:1 17, 1. Comp. Gobhila II, 8, 14; Âsvalâyana I, 15, 4.

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