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5_1. Let him first examine the family (of the intended bride or bridegroom), as it has been said above,

p. 165

[paragraph continues] 'Those who on the mother's and on the father's side.'

2. Let him give the girl to a (young man) endowed with intelligence.

3. Let him marry a girl that shows the characteristics of intelligence, beauty, and moral conduct, and who is free from disease.

4. As the characteristics (mentioned in the preceding Sûtra) are difficult to discern, let him make eight lumps (of earth), recite over the lumps the following formula, 'Right has been born first, in the beginning; on the right truth is founded. For what (destiny) this girl is born, that may she attain here. What is true may that be seen,' and let him say to the girl, 'Take one of these.'

5. If she chooses the (lump of earth taken) from a field that yields two crops (in one year), he may know, 'Her offspring will be rich in food.' If from a cow-stable, rich in cattle. If from the earth of a Vedi (altar), rich in holy lustre. If from a pool which does not dry up, rich in everything. If from a gambling-place, addicted to gambling. If from a place where four roads meet, wandering to different directions. If from a barren spot, poor. If from a burial-ground, (she will) bring death to her husband.


164:5_1 5, 1. Srauta-sûtra IX, 3, 20, 'Who on their mother's as well as p. 165 on their father's side through ten generations are endowed with knowledge, austerity, and meritorious works,' &c.

165:4 I prefer the reading of the Bibliotheca Indica edition, countenanced by Nârâyana's commentary, durvigñeyâni lakshanânîti, &c. The lumps are to be taken from the eight places mentioned in Sûtra 5.

165:5 No doubt the correct reading is not that given by Nârâyana and accepted by Professor Stenzler, dvipravrâginî, but vipravrâginî, as four of Professor Stenzler's MSS. read (see his Variae Lectiones, p. 48, and the Petersburg Dictionary s. v. vipravrâgin).

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