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4_1. During the northern course of the sun, in the time of the increasing moon, under an auspicious Nakshatra the tonsure (of the child's head), the initiation (of a Brahmakârin), the cutting of the beard, and marriage (should be celebrated).

2. According to some (teachers), marriage (may be celebrated) at any time.

3. Before those (ceremonies) let him sacrifice four Âgya oblations—

4. With the three (verses), 'Agni, thou purifiest life' (Rig-veda I X, 66, 10 seq.), and with (the one verse), 'Pragâpati, no other one than thou' (Rig-Veda X, 121, 10).

5. Or with the Vyâhritis.

6. According to some (teachers), the one and the other.

7. No such(oblations), according to some (teachers).

8. At the marriage the fourth oblation with the verse, 'Thou (O Agni) art Aryaman towards the girls' (Rig-veda V, 3, 2).


164:4_1 4, 1. Sâṅkh.-Grihya I, 5, 2-5.

164:5 With the words, bhûh, bhuvah, svah, and with the three words together.

164:6 Thus eight oblations are offered, four with the four Rikas quoted in the fourth Sûtra, and four with the Vyâhritis.

164:7 Neither the oblations with the Rikas nor those with the Vyâhritis.

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