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1. If the bees make honey in his house,

2. Let him fast and sacrifice a hundred and eight pieces of Udumbara wood, which are besmeared with curds, honey, and ghee, with the two (verses), 'No (harm) to us in our offspring' (Rig-veda I, 114, 8. 9).

3. And let him murmur the hymn, 'For welfare may Indra and Agni' (Rig-veda VII, 35); and (the same hymn should be used) at all (ceremonies), such

p. 140

as that of the sacrifice after assent has been declared (see above, I, 7, 1).

4. After he has sacrificed seventeen one span long pieces of Palâsa wood, he then seizes the Sruva.

5. Fifteen at the full and new moon sacrifices.

6. At the Ashtakâ ceremony in the middle of the rainy season there may optionally be three (pieces of wood); the sacrifice as at the Pitriyagña.


139:3 10, 3. This is a supplementary rule belonging to the exposition of the general type of sacrifice. On the 'Pratisruta' sacrifice, see I, 7, seqq.; I, 9, 19.

140:4 See I, 9, 1. 3.

140:6 Comp. III, 13, 1 with the note.

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