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1. Now (follows) the Sapindîkarana.

p. 139

2. Let him fill four water-pots (for the Manes) from the father upwards,

3. And prepare in the same way lumps (of flour),

4. And let him distribute the first lump on the (other) three with (the verses), They who commonly, concordantly (dwell) in Yama's realm, the fathers: for them be space, freedom, adoration, sacrifice established among the gods.

'They who commonly, harmoniously (dwell), the living among the living, mine: may their prosperity fall to my lot in this world through a hundred years'—

And with the two (verses), 'Equal the design' (Rig-veda X, 191, 3. 4).

5. In the same way the vessels with Argha water.

6. In the same way for the mother, for a brother, and for a wife that has died before (her husband), adding (the lump belonging to that person) to those (other) lumps.


138:1 9, 1 seqq. Comp. above, IV, 3 and the notes there.

139:2 On these four vessels, see IV, 3, 4 seq.

139:5 These are the vessels mentioned in the second Sûtra.

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