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1. A student who is going to set out on a journey, speaks thus to his teacher:

2. 'Of inhalation and exhalation'—(this he says) in a low voice; 'Om, I will dwell'—this aloud.

3. (The teacher) in a low voice (replies), 'To inhalation and exhalation I, the wide-extended one, resort with thee. To the protecting god I give thee in charge. God Savitar; this student belongs to thee; I give him in charge to thee; protect him; do not forsake him.'

4. 'Om, hail!' the teacher aloud. 'Hail!' the teacher aloud.

Here ends the Second Adhyâya.


90:2 18, 2. Perhaps vatsyâmi (I will dwell) is a sort of euphemism for pravatsyâmi (I will go away).

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