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1. 'Even if a man constantly gather grass and perform the Agnihotra, a Brâhmana who stays (in his

p. 90

house) without receiving honour takes away all his good works.

2. 'One should give (even) if it were only a water-pot; one should sacrifice (even) if it were a piece of wood; (even) down to one hymn or to one Anuvâka the Brahmayagña is enjoined.

3. 'When on a journey let him not fast; (during that time) the wife keeps the vow. Let his son, his brother, or his wife, or his pupil offer the Bali oblation.

4. 'Those who perform this Vaisvadeva sacrifice in the evening and in the morning, they will prosper in wealth and (long) life, in fame and offspring.'

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