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p. 89


1. 'At the Madhuparka and at the Soma sacrifice, at the sacred rites for fathers (Manes) and gods only animals may be killed, not elsewhere: thus has Manu said.

2. 'Both his teacher and his father, and also a friend who does not stay in his house as a guest: whatever these dispose, that let him do; such is the established custom.

3. 'Let him not consider as a guest a person living in the same village, or one that comes in returning from a journey; (but let him consider as a guest only) one who has arrived at his house where the wife or the fires (of the host) are.

4. '(The fire of) the Agnihotra, bulls, and a guest that has come in at the right time, children and persons of noble families: these burn up him who neglects them.

5. 'A bull, the Agnihotra, and a student, these three prosper only if they eat; there is no prosperity for them, if they do not eat.

6. 'Day by day the domestic deities approach the man who performs the domestic rites, in order to receive their share; (that) let him pour out to them.


89:3 16, 3. Comp. Gautama V, 40, &c.

89:4 On the right time for the arrival of a guest, see Gautama, loc. cit.

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