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1. In the sixth month the Annaprâsana (i.e. the first feeding with solid food).

2-6. Goat's flesh, if he is desirous of nourishment,

3. Flesh of partridge, if desirous of holy lustre,

4. Fish, if desirous of swiftness,

5. Boiled rice with ghee, if desirous of splendour—

6. (Such) food, prepared with milk curds, honey, and ghee, he should give (to the child) to eat.

7. After he has made oblations with (the verses), 'Lord of food, give us food, painless and strong; bring forward the giver; bestow power on us, on men and animals;' 'Whatsoever' (Rig-veda IV, 12, 4); 'Even of great' (ibid. 5), 'Him, Agni, (lead) to long life and splendour; sharp strength (mayst thou), Varuna, king Soma, protection may Aditi, like a

p. 55

mother, afford to him, and all the gods that he may reach old age'—

8. And has recited over (the child) the verse, 'Powers of life, Agni' (Rig-veda IX, 66, 19),

9. And has set him down on northward pointed Kusa grass with (the verse), 'Be soft, O earth' (Rig-veda I, 22, 15)—

10. The act of feeding is performed with the Mahâvyâhritis.

11. Let the mother eat the remnant.


54:2-6 27, 2-6. These rules stand here, in the beginning of the chapter, as introductory remarks; the act of feeding itself (Sûtra 10) does not follow till after the sacrifice and the other performances prescribed in Sûtras 7-9.

54:3 This rule evidently rests on the allusion of taittira (partridge flesh) to the Taittirîya school.

54:7 Both metre and construction show that the Pâda imam Agna âyushe varkase is incomplete; the Sâmbavya-Grihya and Taitt. Samhitâ II, 3, 10, 3 add kridhi after varkase.

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