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The Grihya Sutras, Part 1 (SBE29), by Hermann Oldenberg, [1886], at

p. 53


1. To Agni, to the Krittikâs.

2. To Pragâpati, to Rohinî.

3. To Soma, to Mrigasiras.

4. To Rudra, to the Ârdrâs.

5. To Aditi, to the two Punarvasus.

6. To Brihaspati, to Pushya.

7. To the Serpents, to the Asleshâs.

8. To the Manes, to the Maghâs.

9. To Bhaga, to the two Phalgunîs.

10. To Aryaman, to the two Phalgunîs.

11. To Savitar, to Hasta.

12. To Tvashtar, to Kitrâ.

13. To Vâyu, to Svâti.

14. To Indra and Agni, to the two Visâkhâs.

15. To Mitra, to Anurâdhâ.

16. To Indra, to Gyeshtha.

17. To Nirriti, to Mûla.

18. To the Waters, to the Ashâdhâs.

19. To the Visve devâs, to the Ashâdhâs.

20. To Brahman, to Abhigit.

p. 54

21. To Vishnu, to Sravana.

22. To the Vasus, to the Dhanishthâs.

23. To Varuna, to Satabhishag.

24. To Aga ekapad, to the Proshthapadâs.

25. To Ahi budhnya, to the Proshthapadâs.

26. To Pûshan, to Revatî.

27. To the two Asvins, to the two Asvinîs.

28. To Yama, to the Bharanîs.


53:1 26, 1. This chapter is not found in the Sâmbavya-Grihya, and Nârâyana expressly designates it as kshepaka khanda. It is a sort of appendix to the Sûtras 25, 5. 6; a sacrifice having there been prescribed to three Nakshatras with their presiding deities, an enumeration of the Nakshatras and deities is here given. Compare, on similar lists, Weber's second article on the Nakshatras seq. (Abhandlungen der Berliner Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1861), pp. 289 , 315, 367 seq.

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