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1. There are four kinds of Pâkayagñas, viz. the HUTA, the AHUTA, the PRAHUTA, and the PRÂSITA.

2. On the following five occasions, viz. the wedding, the tonsure (of the child's head), the initiation (of the Brahmakârin), the cutting of the beard, and the parting of the hair, (on these occasions) in the outer hall—

3. To a place that has been smeared (with cow-dung), which is elevated, and which has been sprinkled (with water), he carries forward the fire,

4. Having kindled it by rubbing, according to some teachers, at his marriage.

5. During the northern course of the sun, in the

p. 21

time of the increasing moon, on an auspicious day he shall seize the hand of a girl,

6. Who should possess (the auspicious) characteristics (required),

7. Whose limbs should be proportionate,

8. Whose hair should be smooth,

9. Who should also have at her neck two curls turned to the right.

10. (Of such a girl) he shall know that she will give birth to six men.


20:1 5, 1. This Sûtra and the following ones down to the fifth are identical with Pâraskara I, 4, 1-5; it seems to me that we have here before us the opening Sûtras of a lost text from which this passage has been copied both by Sâṅkhâyana and Pâraskara. Comp. the preface of the second volume of the Grihya-sûtras.

With regard to the fourfold division of Pâkayagñas stated here comp. below, chap. 10, 7.

20:2 Comp. the Kârikâ quoted by Nârâyana, 'vivâhâdishu bâhyo ’gnir mandape ka tad ishyata iti.'

20:3 On the Agni-pranayana comp. the details given in the Grihya-samgraha-parisishta (Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, vol. xxxv), I, 64-69.

21:9 On âvartau comp. the note in the German edition, p. 121.

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