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HYMN IX. Soma Pavamana.

1. THE Sage of Heaven whose heart is wise, when laid between both hands and pressed,
Sends us delightful powers of life.
2 On, onward to a glorious home; dear to the people void of guile,
With excellent enjoyment, flow.
3 He, the bright Son, when born illumed his Parents who had sprung to life,
Great Son great Strengtheners of Law.
4 Urged by the seven devotions he hath stirred the guileless rivers which
Have magnified the Single Eye.
5 These helped to might theYouthful One, high over all, invincible,
Even Indu, Indra! in thy law.
6 The immortal Courser, good to draw, looks down upon the Seven: the fount
Hath satisfied the Goddesses
7 Aid us in holy rites, O Man: O Pavamana, drive away
Dark shades that must be met in fight.
8 Make the paths ready for a hymn newer and newer evermore:
Make the lights shine as erst they shone.
9 Give, Pavamana, high renown, give kine and steeds and hero sons:
Win for us wisdom, win the light.

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