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HYMN VIII. Soma Pavamana.

1. OBEYING Indra's dear desire these Soma juices have flowed forth,
Increasing his heroic might.
2 Laid in the bowl, pure-flowing on to Vāyu and the Aśvins, may
These give us great heroic strength.
3 Soma, as thou art purified, incite to bounty Indra's heart,
To sit in place of sacrifice.
4 The ten swift fingers deck thee forth, seven ministers impel thee on:
The sages have rejoiced in thee.
5 When through the filter thou art poured, we clothe thee with a robe of milk
To be a gladdening draught for Gods.
6 When purified within the jars, Soma, brightred and golden-hued,
Hath clothed him with a robe of milk.
7 Flow on to us and make us rich. Drive all our enemies away.
O Indu, flow into thy Friend.
Send down the rain from heaven, a stream of opulence from earth. Give us,
O Soma, victory in war.
9 May we obtain thee, Indra's drink, who viewest men and findest light,
Gain thee, and progeny and food.

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