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HYMN LXX. Indra.

1. INDRA, God of the mighty arm, gather for us with thy right hand
Manifold and nutritious spoil.
2 We know thee mighty in thy deeds, of mighty bounty, mighty wealth,
Mighty in measure, prompt to aid.
3 Hero, when thou art fain to give, neither may Gods nor mortal men
Restrain thee like a fearful Bull.
4 Come, let us glorify Indra, Lord supreme of wealth, Self-ruling King:
In bounty may he harm us not.
5 Let prelude sound and following chant so let him hear the Sāman sung,
And with his bounty answer us.
6 O Indra, with thy right hand bring, and with thy left remember us.
Let us not lose our share of wealth.
7 Come nigh, O Bold One, boldly bring hither the riches of the churl
Who giveth least of all the folk.
8 Indra, the booty which thou hast with holy singers to receive,
Even that booty win with us.
9 Indra, thy swiftly-coming spoil, the booty which rejoices all,
Sounds quick in concert with our hopes.

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