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1. HASTE forward to us from afar, or, Vṛtra-slayer, from anear,
To meet the offering to the meath.
2 Strong are the Soma-draughts; come nigh: the juices fill thee with delight:
Drink boldly even as thou art wont'.
3 Joy, Indra, in the strengthening food et it content thy wish and thought,
And be delightful to thine heart.
4 Come to us thou who hast no foe: we call thee down to hymns of praise,
In heaven's sublimest realm of light.
5 This Soma here expressed with stones and dressed with milk for thy carouse,
Indra, is offered up to thee.
6 Graciously, Indra, hear my call. Come and obtain the draught, and sate
Thyself with juices blent with milk.
7 The Soma, Indra, which is shed in chalices and vats for thee,
Drink thou, for thou art Lord thereof.
8 The Soma seen within the vats, as in the flood the Moon is seen,
Drink thou, for thou art Lord thereof.
9 That which the Hawk brought in his claw, inviolate, through the air to thee,
Drink thou, for thou art Lord thereof.

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