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1. MAY our hymns give thee great delight. Display thy bounty, Thunderer.
Drive off the enemies of prayer.
2 Crush with thy foot the niggard churls who bring no gifts. Mighty art thou
There is not one to equal thee.
3 Thou art the Lord of Soma pressed, Soma impressed is also thine.
Thou art the Sovran of the folk.
4 Come, go thou forth, dwelling in heaven and listening to the prayers of men:
Thou fillest both the heavens and earth.
5 Even that hill with rocky heights, with hundreds, thousands, held within.
Thou for thy worshippers brakest through.
6 We call on thee both night and day to taste the flowing Soma juice:
Do thou fulfil our heart's desire.
7 Where is that ever-youthful Steer, strong. necked and never yet bent down?
What Brahman ministers to him?
8 To whose libation doth the Steer, betake him with delight therein?
Who takes delight in Indra now?
9 Whom, Vṛtra-slayer, have thy gift and hero powers accompanied?
Who is thy dearest in the laud?
10 For thee among mankind, among the Pūrus is this Soma shed.
Hasten thou hither: drink thereof.
11 This, growing by Soma and by Śaryaṇāvān, dear to thee,
In Ārjīkīya, cheers thee best.
12 Hasten thou hitherward, and drink this for munificence to-day,
Delightful for thine eager draught.

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