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HYMN LIV. Indra.

1. THOUGH, Indra, thou art called by men from east and west, from north and south,
Come hither quickly with fleet steeds
2 If in the effluence of heaven, rich in its light, thou takest joy,
Or in the sea in Soma juice.
3 With songs I call thee, Great and Wide, even as a cow to profit us,
Indra, to drink the Soma-draught.
4 Hither, O Indra, let thy Bays bear up and, bring upon thy car
Thy glory, God! and majesty.
5 Thou, Indra, wouldst be sung and praised as great, strong, lordly in thy deeds
Come hither, drink our Soma juice.
6 We who have shed the Soma and prepared the feast are calling thee.
To sit on this our sacred grass.
7 As, Indra, thou art evermore the common Lord of all alike,
As such we invocate thee now.
8 The men with stones have milked for thee this nectar of the Soma juice:
Indra, be pleased with it, and drink.
9 Neglect all pious men with skill in sacred song: come hitherward,
With speed, and give us high renown.
10 Gods, may the mighty rest unharmed, the King who gives me spotted kine,
Kine decked with golden ornaments.
11 Beside a thousand spotted kine I have received a gift of gold,
Pure, brilliant, and exceeding great.
12 Durgaha's grandsons, giving me a thousand kine, munificent,
Have won renown among the Gods.

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