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HYMN VIII. Aśvins.

1. WITH all the succours that are yours, O Aśvins, hither come to us:
Wonderful, borne on paths of gold, drink ye the meath with Soma juice.
2 Come now, ye Aśvins, on your car decked with a sun-bright canopy,
Bountiful, with your golden forms, Sages with depth of intellect.
3 Come hither from the Nahusas, come, drawn by pure hymns, from mid-air.
O Aśvins, drink the savoury juice shed in the Kaṇvas' sacrifice.
4 Come to us hither from the heavens, come from mid-air, well-loved by us:
Here Kaṇva's son hath pressed for you the pleasant meath of Soma juice.
5 Come, Aśvins, to give car to us, to drink the Soma, Aśvins, come.
Hail, Strengtheners of the praise-song speed onward, ye Heroes, with your thoughts.
6 As, Heroes, in the olden time the Ṛṣis called you to their aid,
So now, O Aśvins, come to us, come near to this mine eulogy.
7 Even from the luminous sphere of heaven come to us, ye who find the light,
Carers for Vatsa, through our prayers and lauds, O yewho hearour call.
8 Do others more than we adore the Aśvins with their hymns of praise?
The Ṛṣi Vatsa, Kaṇva's son, hath magnified you with his songs.
9 The holy singer with his hymns hath called you, Aśvins, hither-ward;
Best Vṛtra-slayers, free from stain, as such bring us felicity.
10 What time, ye Lords of ample wealth, the Lady mounted on your car,
Then, O ye Aśvins, ye attained all wishes that your hearts desired.
11 Come thence, O Aśvins, on your car that hath a thousand ornaments:
Vatsa the sage, the sage's son, hath sung a song of sweets to you.
12 Cheerers of many, rich in goods, discoverers of opulence,
The Aśvins, Riders through the sky, have welcomed this my song of praise.
13 O Aśvins, grant us all rich gifts wherewith no man mav interfere.
Make us observe the stated times: give us not over to reproach.
14 Whether, Nāsatyas, ye be nigh, or whether ye be far away,
Come thence, O Aśvins, on your car that hath a thousand ornaments.
15 Vatsa the Ṛṣi with his songs, Nāsatyas, hath exalted you:
Grant him rich food distilling oil, graced with a thousand ornaments.
16 Bestow on him, O Aśvins, food that strengthens, and that drops with oil,
On him who praises you for bliss, and, Lords of bounty, prays for wealth.
17 Come to us, ye who slay the foe, Lords of rich treasure, to this hymn.
O Heroes, give us high renown and these good things of earth for help.
18 The Priyamedhas have invoked you with all succours that are yours,
You, Aśvins, Lords of solemn rites, with calls entreating you to come.
19 Come to us, Aśvins, ye Who bring felicity, auspicious Ones,
To Vatsa who with prayer and hymn, lovers of song, hath honoured you.
20 Aid us, O Heroes, for those hymns for which ye helped GoSarya erst,
Gave Vaśa, Dasavraja aid, and Kaṇva and Medhatithi:
21 And favoured Trasadasyu, ye Heroes, in spoil-deciding fray:
For these, O Aśvins, graciously assist us in acquiring strength.
22 O Aśvins, may pure hymns of ours, and songs and praises, honour you:
Best slayers everywhere of foes, as such we fondly yearn for you.
23 Three places of the Aśvins, erst concealed, are made apparent now.
Both Sages, with the flight of Law come hither unto those who live.

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