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HYMN VII. Maruts.

1. O MARUTS, when the sage hath poured the Tṛṣṭup forth as food for you,
Ye shine amid the mountain-clouds.
2 When, Bright Ones, fain to show your might ye have determined on your course,
The mountain-clouds have bent them down.
3 Loud roaring with the winds the Sons of Pṛśni have upraised themselves:
They have poured out the streaming food.
4 The Maruts spread the mist abroad and make mountains rock and reel,
When with the winds they go their way
5 What time the rivers and the hills before your coming bowed them down,
So to sustain your mighty force.
6 We call on you for aid by night, on you for succour in the day,
On you while sacrifice proceeds.
7 These, verily, wondrous, red of hue, speed on their courses with a roar
Over the ridges of the sky.
8 With might they drop the loosened rein so that the Sun may run his course,
And spread themselves with beams of light.
9 Accept, ye Maruts, this my song, accept ye this mine hymn of praise,
Accept, Ṛbhukṣans, this my call.
10 The dappled Cows have poured three lakes, meath for the Thunder-wielding God,
From the great cask, the watery cloud.
11 O Maruts, quickly come to us when, longing for felicity,
We call you hither from the sky.
12 For, Rudras and Ṛbhukṣans, ye, Most Bountiful, are in the house,
Wise when the gladdening draught is drunk.
13 O Maruts, send us down from heaven riches distilling rapturous joy,
With plenteous food, sustaining all.
14 When, Bright Ones, hither from the hills ye have resolved to take your way,
Ye revel in the drops effused.
15 Man should solicit with his lauds happiness which belongs to them,
So great a band invincible.
16 They who like fiery sparks with showers of rain blow through the heaven and earth,
Milking the spring that never fails.
17 With chariots and tumultuous roar, with tempests and with hymns of praise
The Sons of Pṛśni hurry forth.
18 For wealth, we think of that whereby ye aided Yadu, Turvaśa,
And KanVa who obtained the spoil.
19 May these our viands Bounteous Ones I that flow in streams like holy oil,
With Kaṇva's hymns, increase your might.
20 Where, Bounteous Lords for whom the grass is trimmed, are ye rejoicing now?
What Brahman is adoring you?
21 Is it not there where ye of old, supplied with sacred grass, for lauds
Inspired the strong in sacrifice?
22 They brought together both the worlds, the mighty waters, and the Sun,
And, joint by joint, the thunderbolt.
23 They sundered Vṛtra limb from limb and split the gloomy mountain-clouds,
Performing a heroic deed.
24 They reinforced the power and strength of Trita as he fought, and helped
Indra in battle with the foe.
25 They deck themselves for glory, bright, celestial, lightning in their hands,
And helms of gold upon their heads.
26 When eagerly ye from far away came to the cavern of the Bull,
He bellowed in his fear like Heaven.
27 Borne by your golden-footed steeds, O Gods, come hither to receive
The sacrifice we offer you.
28 When the red leader draws along their spotted deer yoked to the car.
The Bright Ones come, and shed the rain.
29 Susoma, Saryakiavan, and Arjika full of homes, have they.
These Heroes, sought with downward car.
30 When, Maruts, ye come to him, the singer who invokes you thus,
With favours to your suppliant?
31 What now? where have ye still a friend since ye left Indra all alone?
Who counteth on your friendship now?
32 The Kaṇvas sing forth Agni's praise together with our Maruts’ who
Wield thunder and wear swords of gold.
33 Hither for new felicity may I attract the Impetuous Ones,
The Heroes with their wondrous strength
34 Before them sink the very hills deerning themseives abysses: yea,
Even the mountains bend them down.
35 Steeds flying on their tortuous path through mid-air carry them, and give
The man who lauds them strength and life.
36 Agni was born the first of all, like Sūrya lovely with his light:
With lustre these have spread abroad.

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