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1. Come hither, O ye Sons of Strength, ye Ṛbhus; stay not afar, ye Children of Sudhanvan.
At this libation is your gift of treasure. Let gladdening draughts approach you after Indra's.
2 Hither is come the Ṛbhus' gift of riches; here was the drinking of the well-pressed Soma,
Since by dexterity and skill as craftsmen ye made the single chalice to be fourfold
3 Ye made fourfold the chalice that wag single: ye spake these words and said, O Friend, assist us;
Then, Vājas! gained the path of life eternal, deft-handed Ṛbhus, to the Gods’ assembly.
4 Out of what substance was that chalice fashioned which ye made fourfold by your art and wisdom?
Now for the gladdening draught press out the liquor, and drink, O Ṛbhus, of die meath of Soma.
5 Ye with your cunning made your Parents youthful; the cup, for Gods to drink, ye formed with cunning;
With cunning, Ṛbhus, rich in treasure, fashioned the two swift Tawny Steeds who carry Indra.
6 Whoso pours out for you, when days are closing, the sharp libation for your joy, O Vājas,
For him, O mighty Ṛbhus, ye, rejoicing, have fashioned wealth with plenteous store of heroes.
7 Lord of Bay Steeds, at dawn the juice thou drankest: thine, only thine, is the noonday libation.
Now drink thou with the wealth-bestowing Ṛbhus, whom for their skill thou madest friends, O Indra.
8 Ye, whom your artist skill hath raised to Godhead have set you down above in heaven like falcons.
So give us riches, Children of Sudhanvan, O Sons of Strength; ye have become immortal.
9 The third libation, that bestoweth treasure, which ye have won by skill, ye dexterous-handed,—
This drink hath been effused for you, O Ṛbhus . drink it with high delight, with joy like Indra's.

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