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1. To this our sacrifice come Ṛbhu, Vibhvan, Vāja, and Indra with the gift of riches,
Because this day hath Dhiṣaṇā the Goddess set drink for you: the gladdening draughts have reached you.
2 Knowing your birth and rich in gathered treasure, Ṛbhus, rejoice together with the Ṛtus.
The gladdening draughts and wisdom have approached you: send ye us riches with good store of heroes.
3 For you was made this sacrifice, O Ṛbhus, which ye, like men, won for yourselves aforetime.
To you come all who find in you their pleasure: ye all were—even the two elder—Vājas.
4 Now for the mortal worshipper, O Heroes, for him who served you, was the gift of riches.
Drink, Vājas, Ṛbhus! unto you is offered, to gladden you, the third and great libation.
5 Come to us, Heroes, Vājas and Ṛbhukṣans, glorified for the sake of mighty treasure.
These draughts approach you as the day is closing, as cows, whose calves are newly-born, their stable.
6 Come to this sacrifice of ours, ye Children of Strength, invoked with humble adoration.
Drink of this meath, Wealth-givers, joined with Indra with whom ye are in full accord, ye Princes.
7 Close knit with Varuṇa drink the Soma, Indra; close-knit, Hymn-lover! with the Maruts drink it:
Close-knit with drinkers first, who drink in season; close-knit with heavenly Dames who give us treasures.
8 Rejoice in full accord with the Ādityas, in concord with the Parvatas, O Ṛbhus;
In full accord with Savitar, Divine One; in full accord with floods that pour forth riches.
9 Ṛbhus, who helped their Parents and the Aśvins, who formed the Milch-cow and the pair of horses,
Made armour, set the heaven and earth asunder,—far- reaching Heroes, they have made good offspring.
10 Ye who have wealth in cattle and in booty, in heroes, in rich sustenance and treasure,
Such, O ye Ṛbhus, first to drink, rejoicing, give unto us and those who laud our present.
11 Ye were not far: we have not left you thirsting, blameless in this our sacrifice, O Ṛbhus.
Rejoice you with the Maruts and with Indra, with the Kings, Gods! that ye may give us riches.

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