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1. THE car that was not made for horses or for reins, three-wheeled, worthy of lauds, rolls round the firmament.
That is the great announcement of your Deity, that, O ye Ṛbhus, ye sustain the earth and heaven.
2 Ye Sapient Ones who made the lightly-rolling car out of your mind, by thought, the car that never errs,
You, being such, to drink of this drink-offering, you, O ye Vājas, and ye Ṛbhus, we invoke.
3 O Vājas, Ṛbhus, reaching far, among the Gods this was your exaltation gloriously declared,
In that your aged Parents, worn with length of days, ye wrought again to youth so that they moved at will.
4 The chalice that wag single ye have made fourfold, and by your wisdom brought the Cow forth from the hide.
So quickly, mid the Gods, ye gained immortal life. Vājas and Ṛbhus, your great work must be extolled.
5 Wealth from the Ṛbhus is most glorious in renown, that which the Heroes, famed for vigour, have produced.
In synods must be sung the car which Vibhvan wrought: that which ye favour, Gods! is famed among mankind.
6 Strong is the steed, the man a sage in eloquence, the bowman is a hero hard to beat in fight,
Great store of wealth and manly power hath he obtained whom Vāja, Vibhvan, Ṛbhus have looked kindly on.
7 To you hath been assigned the fairest ornament, the hymn of praise: Vājas and Ṛbhus, joy therein;
For ye have lore and wisdom and poetic skill: as such, with this our prayer we call on you to come.
8 According to the wishes of our hearts may ye, who have full knowledge of all the delights of men,
Fashion for us, O Ṛbhus, power and splendid wealth, rich in high courage, excellent, and vital strength.
9 Bestowing on us here riches and offspring, here fashion fame for us befitting heroes.
Vouchsafe us wealth of splendid sort, O Ṛbhus, that we may make us more renowned than others.

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